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Zeppelin Acquires Rocket Technologies
Zeppelin Energy Inc., a U.S. company with interests in software and other sectors, has acquired Rocket Technologies Inc., who under their "Rocketinfo" trademark and moniker is a developer of current news search, content, and publishing solutions.
News, Posted 06 Aug 2004
SourceWare: The Search Engine with Good Intentions
When Doyal Bryant recently took over as CEO of Market Central, Inc., a CRM portal company, he realized that he’d inherited a diamond in the rough. This particular gem was an “intent-based” deductive search engine that was “just sitting there” within the company languishing, according to Bryant. Just released to the general market, this gem has been dubbed SourceWare Search, and with the release, he’s anxious to see if it shines. The company has begun selling licenses and believes the product will appeal to both the commercial and enterprise markets.
News, Posted 05 Aug 2004
FAST Signs Reseller Agreement with Tellus Software
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, and Tellus Software AS, a developer of custom enterprise search applications, have announced a value-added reseller (VAR) agreement, making Tellus Software a reseller of FAST’s search solutions.
News, Posted 03 Aug 2004
Atomz Upgrades Commerce Solution
Atomz, a provider of hosted enterprise Web site applications, has announced the second major upgrade this year to its Atomz Commerce solution.
News, Posted 03 Aug 2004
Vivisimo Clusters 9/11 Commission Report
Vivisimo, the clustering engine for Web search, has created a special tool for readers of the 9/11 Commission’s report.
News, Posted 03 Aug 2004
EDSF Introduces Industry Research Library
The Electronic Document Systems Foundation (EDSF), a non-profit organization dedicated to the document communications industry, has announced the creation of an industry resource designed to provide access to pertinent research, with educational value, from sources within the industry.
News, Posted 03 Aug 2004
Lycos US Sold to Daum
Daum Communications Corp. of South Korea has purchased Lycos US, in an apparent effort to enter the US search market.
News, Posted 03 Aug 2004
Orchestria Signs OEM Agreement with FAST
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has announced an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership with Orchestria, a provider of real-time visibility and control solutions for email, the Web, instant messaging, BlackBerry handhelds, and other electronic communications.
News, Posted 30 Jul 2004
Rocket Technologies and The Canadian Press Form Strategic Alliance
Rocket Technologies Inc., a supplier of current news search, content, and publishing solutions has announced the formation of a strategic reseller alliance with The Canadian Press, Canada’s multimedia news agency.
News, Posted 30 Jul 2004
AP to Develop Search Tools
The board of directors of the Associated Press has announced plans to develop tools designed to enhance the news industry's search capabilities and licensing protection.
News, Posted 30 Jul 2004
Nstein Technologies Announces Contract with Time Inc.
Nstein Technologies Inc., a provider of software solutions for unstructured data identification and management, has signed two agreements with Time Inc. for software solutions and professional services that will provide a master taxonomy and data categorization of the Time Inc. editorial archive.
News, Posted 27 Jul 2004
ProQuest and Introduce Ancestry Product
ProQuest Information and Learning and are partnering to produce a new tool to support genealogy research in libraries.
News, Posted 27 Jul 2004
Verity and Proxicom Partner on Health Plan Provider Portal
Verity Inc. and Proxicom Inc. have announced a strategic partnership to provide integration of Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) search and classification technologies with Proxicom’s Healthcare and Life Sciences solution offering.
News, Posted 27 Jul 2004
Dieselpoint Search 3.0 Now Available
Dieselpoint, a provider of search software, has announced the next version of Dieselpoint Search, which is designed to provide an all-Java solution to the problem of finding information in documents, databases, and XML.
News, Posted 23 Jul 2004
IBM Partners with AtHoc
AtHoc, Inc. and IBM have announced that they are partnering to extend the capabilities of IBM DB2 Information Integrator's enterprise search capability, part of IBM's Project Masala currently in beta.
News, Posted 23 Jul 2004
Crystal Semantics Releases Textonomy Deduce
Crystal Semantics, has announced the launch of a linguistics-based technology designed to enhance the search capabilities of ecommerce sites.
News, Posted 23 Jul 2004
ProQuest Online Information Service Introduces Smart Search
ProQuest Information and Learning has released the latest version of the ProQuest online information service.
News, Posted 23 Jul 2004
McGraw-Hill Construction Selects ECNext
ECNext, a provider of technology and services for marketing, selling, and delivering commercial business content via the Web, has announced the launch of the “McGraw-Hill Construction Information Center,” an ecommerce Web site branded for McGraw-Hill Construction, part of The McGraw-Hill Companies.
News, Posted 20 Jul 2004
Questel•Orbit Releases PatentExaminer
Questel•Orbit, a provider of intellectual property information services, has announced the release of PatentExaminer, a patent portfolio management system that is designed to speed patent analysis and enhance the collaboration among search experts, engineers, and patent attorneys.
News, Posted 20 Jul 2004 Launches Directory on AT&T Wireless mMode Service has announced that AT&T Wireless will feature the Directory on its mMode service using OpenMotion LLC's OpenMotion wireless platform.
News, Posted 20 Jul 2004
Search Engine Blinkx Launches
Blinkx, a free new search tool, has launched. Blinkx is designed to eliminate the need for keywords or complex search methods by linking for users and locating information, whether it is on the Web, in the news, or within files on a user's PC.
News, Posted 20 Jul 2004
A Giant Leap for Academia? Google Ventures into DSpace
Scholarly research has come a long way since the days of poring over stacks at the library, and search engine companies are beginning to explore the particular opportunities within academic research. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most venerated American institutes of higher learning, made its own foray into the search market with DSpace, a joint project with Hewlett-Packard that was first launched in 2002. DSpace is open-source software designed to assist colleges and universities in creating, managing, and maintaining digital repositories. There are currently about 125 schools using this software, but no tool existed that enabled searching across repositories instead of just within them. Enter Google into DSpace.
News, Posted 19 Jul 2004
Medical Metasearch Engine Launches, a medical metasearch engine, has launched.
News, Posted 16 Jul 2004
SiliconExpert Technologies Selects ISYS for Enterprise Intranet Search
ISYS Search Software, a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, has announced that SiliconExpert Technologies has selected ISYS:web for its corporate intranet.
News, Posted 13 Jul 2004
Crystal Semantics Launches Textonomy Reveal
Content and search company, Crystal Semantics, has announced the launch of Textonomy Reveal, a search engine that is designed to deliver relevant, coherent, and accurate results based on the linguistic sense of the words used in a search.
News, Posted 13 Jul 2004
Yahoo! Acquires Oddpost
Oddpost has announced that they have been acquired by Yahoo!.
News, Posted 13 Jul 2004 and Espotting Complete Merger , a developer and provider of performance-based marketing and commerce enabling services, and Espotting Media, Inc., a paid listings provider in Europe, have announced the completion of the merger between the two companies.
News, Posted 06 Jul 2004
National Sexual Violence Resource Center Selects EOS.Web
EOS International has announced that The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), which opened in July 2000 as a national information and resource hub relating to all aspects of sexual violence, has selected EOS.Web to improve information access and increase collection visibility.
News, Posted 02 Jul 2004
Access Innovations Now Offering MAI-Chem, Chemical Name Indexing System
Access Innovations, specialists in electronic publishing and information management, has announced that it is now offering its proprietary MAI-Chem chemical name indexing system for chemical research.
News, Posted 02 Jul 2004
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