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Crystal Semantics Launches Textonomy Reveal
Posted Jul 13, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Content and search company, Crystal Semantics, has announced the launch of Textonomy Reveal, a search engine that is designed to deliver relevant, coherent, and accurate results based on the linguistic sense of the words used in a search. Using the branches of linguistics that people rely on to handle sense--semantics and stylistics--Textonomy Reveal first matches a search against possible senses in its lexical engine. Once the correct sense has been established this provides a frame of reference within which the search is executed. Textonomy Reveal combines dictionary and encyclopedia definitions with the knowledge inherent in the linguistic intuition of adult users of a language. In addition, the names of thousands of products and organizations that form a crucial part of online searching have also been included. Under the direction of Professor David Crystal, using a system he originally devised for The Cambridge Encyclopedia and other works, a team of lexicographers took over four years and to build the dataset Textonomy Reveal is based upon.

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