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Enterprise Search Demo Center Participation Information
Test drive the search engines of companies who provide Enterprise Search solutions.  In many cases the vendors' demos permit you to search across ITI's family of thought-leading information and technology publications.  You can spot these vendors by the search box prominently displayed with the product description.

Participating vendors set their crawlers loose on a selection of Information Today, Inc. Web sites, including:,,,,,,, and So when you search using this page, you will be seeing how each engine performed against the same content collection. Since these sites operate on a variety of platforms, you will also be able to see how the engines coped with distributed and independent systems, not unlike those found in many enterprises.

Some vendors have opted to show other examples of how their search engines perform.  You'll  find details about their demos in their product descriptions.

Searchdaimon ES is full future enterprise search solution with minimum setup requirements. It is suitable for corporate use, web search or adding search functionality to cloud applications. Supports most standard content sources. Es is free for the 10 first users, and can be downloaded as a VMware or Xen virtual appliance without registering.

EnMento Enterprise Search meets the international market's many needs for a search engine able to make highly relevant information accessible in a minimum of time. Our solution efficiently addresses the growing need of businesses & administrations to properly manage information.

Cognition Technologies, Inc. is a Search company which has created the next evolution in text search technology. Through its patented linguistic Search architecture, known as CognitionSearchâ„¢, the Company is able to deliver significantly greater numbers of relevant search results than is possible with currently used Search technologies.

SearchBlox is a high-performance Content Search Software designed for corporate intranets, websites, portals and custom-applications. The SearchBlox demo includes content from the SearchBlox, CNN and Amazon websites.

SearchInform is an application designated for quick and accurate information search in large data volume among documents of all types in various data bases. It combines functionality of phrasal search with proper consideration for stemming and thesaurus and the new SoftInform Search Technology of searching for documents of similar content, which considerably increases the quality of information processing and decreases the searching time. A demo in video format is provided, with links to other resources.

Groxis, developer of the Grokker ESM technology, is a pioneer in visual search and discovery. Federating internal enterprise information, deep-web subscription and public web services, Grokker’s intuitive user interface, information retrieval, dynamic data mining and collaborative tools, facilitate access to essential enterprise knowledge resources, enabling researchers to leverage key digital information for actionable results.

With Siderean, users are can eliminate the time-consuming process of paging through listings of returned search results. See a Flash demo of Siderean's Seamark Navigator 4.0.

The first and only unified search technology platform, exalead one:searchâ„¢ provides a single point of access to information - from the desktop, the Web and across an enterprise.

Vivísimo does search right by combining the simplicity and innovation of consumer search with the flexibility and control of enterprise software. The company works with customers to understand their goals and quickly deploy solutions that maximize the business value of information-with an interface users love.

Coveo has radically simplified the delivery and deployment of platform-class Information Access solutions for office and full mobile access to critical information located anywhere across the enterprise. The Coveo G2B Information Access Suite provides workers with an unrivalled ability to obtain a 360-degree view of the information they need to drive business.

THUNDERSTONE SOFTWARE has been providing enterprise search and knowledge management systems to industry, government, and educational institutions since 1981. The THUNDERSTONE SEARCH APPLIANCE is a turn-key solution providing relevance ranked search of network files, many document formats, and web pages.

Northern Light's products include the brand new Northern Light® Enterprise Search Engine, SinglePoint™ MarketResearch Portals, as well as technology licensing and custom enterprise search services.

Synomia's solutions are designed for organizations and websites that are committed to satisfying their audience and seek to optimize the access to their content. Synomia applications rely on an automated linguistic analysis - a patented process - and are available remotely : no installations, no maintenance.

ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government. ISYS is easy to deploy, maintain and use, and is scalable from large corporate intranets and high-volume websites all the way down to local-area networks and individual PCs. With ISYS, there's never a need for upfront data preparation, dedicated hardware, expensive consultants or lengthy deployments.

Mondosoft pioneers, licenses and hosts technology for companies who use Web sites to improve sales or communications with customers, partners and prospects. The company's flagship product, MondoSearchâ„¢, is an advanced, multi-lingual search engine adopted by 1,700 customers worldwide.

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