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Features - Category: Tools for Discovery
Business intelligence ramps up the power for business users
Featured Content, Posted 01 Sep 2011
Geting the Best Out of Your Enterprise Search Investment
Join us in London this October for plenary sessions and parallel tracks on Tools and Techniques and Making Search Work, plus networking, social events and the chance to meet some of key enterprise search solutions providers.For anyone struggling with the challenges of implementing enterprise search, Enterprise Search Europe is a unique opportunity to share experiences, learn about emerging technologies, and find solutions.
Featured Content, Posted 15 Aug 2011
Enterprise Search in Europe - A Brief History
After many successful Enterprise Search Summit events in the U.S., Information Today, Inc. (EContent's parent company) is launching Enterprise Search Europe in London. Conference Chair Martin White calls the event noteworthy, because in a world where "search" and "Google" are synonymous, he says, it is important to realize the scale of information retrieval research and of the enterprise search business in Europe.
Featured Content, Posted 01 Aug 2011
SEARCH Roundup
Looking for a search vendor? Dozens to choose from. Here's a sampling, with hotlinks, from the editors of KMWorld magazine.
Featured Content, Posted 01 Apr 2011
Avi Rappoport, Andy Moore to Lead Enterprise Search Summit Programming
Information Today, Inc. has announced that search consultant Avi Rappoport ( will be heading up the program planning for Enterprise Search Summit Fall, Nov. 1-3, 2011 in Washington, DC. KMWorld Publisher Andy Moore will also be assisting with program development. A call for papers has been issued. For more details, visit
Featured Content, Posted 25 Mar 2011
Trend Setting Search Products
Check out KMWorld's Trend-Setting Products review section in this month's issue.
Featured Content, Posted 15 Sep 2010
Emerging Web Standards: Keeping Up to Stay Ahead
Twenty years ago when the web was young, the topic of standards was mainly the purview of computer scientists, engineers, and enterprise technologists. But these days, with the impact of standards on everything from how content displays in various browsers and delivery on emergent devices to cost savings and search engine optimization (SEO), web standards have become everyone's business. Analysis by Nancy Davis Kho.
Featured Content, Posted 06 Sep 2010
PROJECT LEFTY: More Bang for the Search Query
The Federated Search Blog held its second annual writing contest to increase awareness of and interest in federated search. And (drum roll) the winner is . . . Kan Varnum (University of Michigan) who proposes a system that would improve relevance of search results based on known information about a searcher and his or her past search behavior. Read the winning entry here.
Featured Content, Posted 12 Apr 2010
Google Gets Stung by Its Own Buzz
The week of Feb. 9, 2010, may go down as one of the worst in Google's corporate history in terms of product launches and public reaction. On that day, Google Buzz ( invaded every Gmail account holders' workspace through an auto-setup, opt-out routine. Other than widespread rumors of an announcement the day before, Gmail users had no warning that potentially highly personal information would suddenly be shared with their most-used contacts (email addresses) through cloud computing technology. Over the ensuing 7 days, Google weathered an angry online swarm of complaints that it had failed to account for personal privacy requirements. Read the story from ITI NewsBreaks.
Featured Content, Posted 03 Mar 2010
Enter the 2nd Annual Federated Search Writing Contest by December 15
Submissions are due by December 15 for the second annual writing contest conducted by the Federated Search Blog.
Featured Content, Posted 09 Dec 2009
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News - Category: Tools for Discovery
Improved legal hold from StoredIQ
Repeatable, auditable solution
News, Posted 21 Sep 2011
Janya's Semantex Version 5.0
News, Posted 20 Sep 2011
Deeper inspection of unstructured content
News, Posted 19 Sep 2011
ESI forensic services and appliances from Integreon
Seek & Collect Version 2.0
News, Posted 25 Aug 2011
ebrary Ebook Content Now Discoverable through ProQuest Platform
Five months after its acquisition of ebrary, ProQuest is linking the two companies' search platforms to enable users to discover ebooks in the context of their libraries' ProQuest content and use tools from both environments. The platform is rolling out in libraries around the world, and it adds a flexible technological architecture that lets users look deeper into multiple content sources in multiple formats.
News, Posted 14 Jul 2011
Semantic technology:
From sentiment to applications
Steve Arnold gets all sentimental in this analysis of cutting edge search technology.
News, Posted 05 Jul 2011
ProQuest Expands to Include ebrary Ebooks in Discovery
ProQuest linked ebrary's search platform to its own, which enables users to discover multiple formats from multiple content sources. Leveraging tools from both platforms, users can discover search results that include ebrary's ebook content along with ProQuest's relevant reports, videos, and articles, and access the full text of the result from either source.
News, Posted 28 Jun 2011
Elsevier Brings SciVerse ScienceDirect to EBSCO, Ex Libris; Announces SciVal Funding Expansion
Elsevier expanded its offering to researchers by adding full text from its SciVerse ScienceDirect database to EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) as well as the Ex Libris Primo Central Index. In other Elsevier news, the company expanded its SciVal Funding tool to users in Canada, U.K., and European Union, with plans to expand to Australia, Singapore, South Africa, India, New Zealand, and Ireland by the end of 2011.
News, Posted 28 Jun 2011
Summon Begins Full-Text Indexing of Elsevier Content
Serials Solutions, a business unit of ProQuest LLC, and Elsevier announced that the full-text of SciVerse ScienceDirect content will be indexed within Serials Solutions' Summon web-scale discovery service. Once the indexing is complete, researchers will be able to search the full text of all ScienceDirect journal articles and ebooks via the Summon service.
News, Posted 23 Jun 2011
Changes in Latitude from Endeca
Plus new customer experience management steps to the front
News, Posted 13 Jun 2011
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Demo Center - Category: Tools for Discovery
Coveo Enterprise Search
Coveo has radically simplified the delivery and deployment of platform-class Information Access solutions for office and full mobile access to critical information located anywhere across the enterprise. The Coveo G2B Information Access Suite provides workers with an unrivalled ability to obtain a 360-degree view of the information they need to drive business.
Demo Center, Posted 01 May 2006
ISYS Search Software
ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government. ISYS is easy to deploy, maintain and use, and is scalable from large corporate intranets and high-volume websites all the way down to local-area networks and individual PCs. With ISYS, there's never a need for upfront data preparation, dedicated hardware, expensive consultants or lengthy deployments.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Jul 2005
Mondosoft pioneers, licenses and hosts technology for companies who use Web sites to improve sales or communications with customers, partners and prospects. The company's flagship product, MondoSearch™, is an advanced, multi-lingual search engine adopted by 1,700 customers worldwide.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Jul 2005
Northern Light
Northern Light's products include the brand new Northern Light® Enterprise Search Engine, SinglePoint™ MarketResearch Portals, as well as technology licensing and custom enterprise search services.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Jul 2005
Synomia's solutions are designed for organizations and websites that are committed to satisfying their audience and seek to optimize the access to their content. Synomia applications rely on an automated linguistic analysis - a patented process - and are available remotely : no installations, no maintenance.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Jul 2005
Thunderstone Software
THUNDERSTONE SOFTWARE has been providing enterprise search and knowledge management systems to industry, government, and educational institutions since 1981. The THUNDERSTONE SEARCH APPLIANCE is a turn-key solution providing relevance ranked search of network files, many document formats, and web pages.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Jul 2005
With Siderean, users are can eliminate the time-consuming process of paging through listings of returned search results. See a Flash demo of Siderean's Seamark Navigator 4.0.
Demo Center, Posted 10 Jul 2006
Groxis, developer of the Grokker ESM technology, is a pioneer in visual search and discovery. Federating internal enterprise information, deep-web subscription and public web services, Grokker’s intuitive user interface, information retrieval, dynamic data mining and collaborative tools, facilitate access to essential enterprise knowledge resources, enabling researchers to leverage key digital information for actionable results.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Aug 2006
SearchInform is an application designated for quick and accurate information search in large data volume among documents of all types in various data bases. It combines functionality of phrasal search with proper consideration for stemming and thesaurus and the new SoftInform Search Technology of searching for documents of similar content, which considerably increases the quality of information processing and decreases the searching time. A demo in video format is provided, with links to other resources.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Sep 2006
SearchBlox is a high-performance Content Search Software designed for corporate intranets, websites, portals and custom-applications. The SearchBlox demo includes content from the SearchBlox, CNN and Amazon websites.
Demo Center, Posted 18 Sep 2006
Cognition Technologies, Inc.
Cognition Technologies, Inc. is a Search company which has created the next evolution in text search technology. Through its patented linguistic Search architecture, known as CognitionSearch™, the Company is able to deliver significantly greater numbers of relevant search results than is possible with currently used Search technologies.
Demo Center, Posted 01 Jul 2007

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