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Access Innovations Now Offering MAI-Chem, Chemical Name Indexing System
Posted Jul 2, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Access Innovations, specialists in electronic publishing and information management, has announced that it is now offering its proprietary MAI-Chem chemical name indexing system for chemical research. MAI-Chem gives researchers and chemical information specialists power to find and index, or tag, documents that contain variations of chemical names and compounds buried in large collections of electronically stored information, such as a database of patent documents, collections of in-house technical reports or an archive of professional journal articles. It is designed for research-based organizations and departments in the agricultural, chemical, geological, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and related fields, as well as academia, government agencies and professional service providers working in those arenas.

MAI-Chem features a new taxonomy (an indexing system that creates a structure to associate words and phrases) developed by Access Innovations. MAI-Chem processes text through a multi-phase approach. Concepts are compared against a proprietary knowledge domain, including variations of chemical names that might be found in a longer string of characters in a chemical compound name. MAI-Chem then takes the retrieved list of tagged concepts and analyzes their association with other words in the document. Words and expressions identified are further compared to a database of synonyms and related chemistry phrases. A list of targeted chemical names and compounds is then presented to the user to choose those most appropriate to the document for indexing. MAI-Chem is available by license from Access Innovations. It can be used in batch or real-time interactive mode, and has the versatility to work with any search software. It is based on the Data Harmony M.A.I., automatic classification and categorization software, offered by Access Innovations.

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