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Search Engine Blinkx Launches
Posted Jul 20, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Blinkx, a free new search tool, has launched. Blinkx is designed to eliminate the need for keywords or complex search methods by linking for users and locating information, whether it is on the Web, in the news, or within files on a user's PC. Blinkx uses self-learning algorithms to understand the context of what users are reading on their computer screen, such as documents, emails, Web sites, news articles, blogs, and videos. As users scroll through text, Blinkx works in the background to connect to related information on the Web and on the PC. Blinkx does not collect personal information about a user. The application is stored on the computer and searches in an outbound fashion.

Once loaded, Blinkx continually reviews what users are reading and sweeps the Web and the computer in the background to generate links related to the concepts. These links change and refresh as a user scrolls through information. By highlighting a word or paragraph, Blinkx will restrict its search only to information related to the selected text. In the near future, Blinkx plans to offer the ability to search other data locations, such as an attached hard drive or networked PC.

There are two ways to work with Blinkx: Reactive Search and Proactive Search. Reactive Search generates recommended links without the user having to do anything but click the mouse on the toolbar on top of the screen and a pop-up menu provides a collection of links to related information and summaries of their content. Proactive Search allows users to click on an icon that rests in the system tray to input ideas using a natural language query (or old-fashioned keywords) to manually search for related concepts. These concepts are delivered according to where the information is available.

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