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WebSideStory Launches Search 4.0
WebSideStory, Inc., a provider of on-demand digital marketing and customer analysis applications, has announced the launch of WebSideStory Search 4.0, a site search solution to automatically integrate site search and Web site behavioral data.
News, Posted 25 Apr 2006
Siderean Releases Seamark Navigator 4.0
Siderean Software, a provider of standards-based solutions for aggregating, navigating, and humanizing digital information, has unveiled Seamark Navigator 4.0.
News, Posted 25 Apr 2006
Inxight Launches SmartDiscovery Extraction Server
Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has announced the general availability of Inxight SmartDiscovery Extraction Server (SDX), a scalable solution for text analytics in more than 30 languages.
News, Posted 25 Apr 2006
dtSearch Releases Version 7.2
dtSearch Corp., a supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval software, has announced Version 7.2 of its product line for searching terabytes of documents across a desktop, network, Internet, or Intranet.
News, Posted 21 Apr 2006
More from Google Enterprise
Introduces new capabilities for search appliance
News, Posted 19 Apr 2006
Web sites made easy
Ektron offers sweeping application
News, Posted 19 Apr 2006
KANA raises its IQ
New version adds features
News, Posted 19 Apr 2006
TEMIS and Convera partner
Sign technology transfer deal
News, Posted 17 Apr 2006
TEMIS and Convera Sign Technology Transfer Agreement
TEMIS, a provider of Text Mining software has signed a technology transfer agreement with Convera, a provider of search technologies to commercial enterprises and government agencies.
News, Posted 14 Apr 2006
Feedster to Support Japanese RSS Feeds
Feedster and Basis Technology have announced the integration of Basis Technology’s Japanese Base Linguistics module to support Feedster’s ability to search and index Japanese RSS feeds for their syndicated content service.
News, Posted 14 Apr 2006
Inxight Partners with Clarabridge
Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, and Clarabridge, a provider of text mining software, have announced an agreement to integrate and jointly market the Inxight SmartDiscovery suite with the Clarabridge Content Mining Platform.
News, Posted 14 Apr 2006
Microsoft Announces Windows Live Academic Search
Microsoft Corp. has announced the beta release of its Windows Live Academic Search service in seven countries.
News, Posted 14 Apr 2006
Pixsy Announces Visual Search Engine
Pixsy Corporation, a developer of image search solutions, has announced Version 2.0 of its Web-based visual search engine that aggregates and searches RSS feeds.
News, Posted 11 Apr 2006
Hoover’s Enhances Subscriber Site
Hoover’s, Inc., a D&B company, has announced major enhancements to its subscriber site.
News, Posted 11 Apr 2006
Eyespot Introduces Online Video Editing and Remixing Community
Eyespot Corp. has announced the availability of the beta version of an online video editing and remixing community, where consumers can upload, edit, mix together, and share video clips, audio files or photos in one place online.
News, Posted 11 Apr 2006
Microsoft to Acquire ProClarity
Microsoft Corp. has announced it has agreed to acquire ProClarity Corp., a software company based in Boise, Idaho, that develops advanced analysis and visualization technologies that work in association with Microsoft’s business intelligence (BI) platform, which includes Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server.
News, Posted 11 Apr 2006
Inxight and Clarabridge partner
Extend business intelligence
News, Posted 10 Apr 2006
Coveo gets to the point
Launches Enterprise Search 4.0
News, Posted 10 Apr 2006
MeeVee Announces Official Launch of Video Search Service
MeeVee, a developer of personalized video entertainment search and discovery experiences for consumers on the Internet, has announced the official launch of the destination site.
News, Posted 07 Apr 2006
Corpora Announces Business-Analysis Tool
News!, from text-analysis software company, Corpora plc, is a business-analysis tool designed to speed up the analysis of news by automating the process.
News, Posted 07 Apr 2006
CrownPeak Raises $4.25M in Funding; Announces New Features
CrownPeak, a software service provider of content management, has announced it secured $4.25M in funding from Sigma Partners and Altos Ventures.
News, Posted 07 Apr 2006
Endeca targets verticals
Introduces Market Solutions
News, Posted 03 Apr 2006
WebSideStory merges with Visual Sciences
More juice for Web analytics sector
News, Posted 01 Apr 2006
Publish or perish
Arbortext releases Advanced Print Publisher 9
News, Posted 01 Apr 2006
Search's excellent adventure
Desktop search from mobile phones
News, Posted 01 Apr 2006
Better video management
Canto upgrades Cumulus Video Suite
News, Posted 29 Mar 2006
WebFeat to Debut WebFeat Express
WebFeat, developer of the WEBFEAT Search Prism, will unveil its newest federated search engine, WebFeat Express.
News, Posted 28 Mar 2006
Endeca Unveils Endeca IAP, New Solutions
Endeca, a search and information access company, has introduced the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP).
News, Posted 28 Mar 2006
Alacra Store Unveils Keyword Search
Alacra, Inc., a provider of online business information solutions, has announced the launch of an Ajax-driven Keyword Search in the Alacra Store.
News, Posted 28 Mar 2006
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