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TEMIS and Convera partner
Posted Apr 17, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

TEMIS, a provider of text mining software has signed an agreement with Convera that calls for embedding TEMIS' XeLDA linguistic engine in four languages (French, Spanish, Russian and German) into Convera's Excalibur Web Search Platform.

XeLDA models and standardizes unstructured documents in order to automatically exploit their content. Based on a technology developed through 20 years of research and development, XeLDA provides advanced text mining features enabling textual information processing.

TEMIS further explains XeLDA offers a scalable range of services based on natural language processing components that can be integrated in business applications, enabling:

• automatic identification of the language within each document,

• segmentation of text into sentences,

• split of text into basic lexical units (tokenization),

• morphological text analysis to return the normalized form (the lemma) and the potential grammatical categories for all the words identified during the tokenization stage,

• morpho-syntactic disambiguation to determine the exact grammatical category of a word according to its context,

• extraction of sequences of words that form noun phrases,

• identification of the context of a word to find the corresponding dictionary entry (dictionary lookup), and

• recognition of idiomatic expressions.

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