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U.S. Robotics Chooses iPhrase One Step
iPhrase Technologies, Inc. has announced that its One Step natural language search and navigation platform has been chosen to power the overall search functions for Internet access products provider, U.S. Robotics.
News, Posted 13 May 2003
Verity Enhances Health Care Support for Kaiser Permanente
News, Posted 09 May 2003
Overture Takes FAST Track With AltaVista Search
Building upon its leadership position as a pay-for-performance search engine, Overture will acquire both the Web search unit of Norway's FAST Search & Transfer, a developer of search and real-time filtering technologies, and AltaVista, a pioneer in Web search technology and the oldest crawler-based search engine.
News, Posted 08 May 2003
Internet Securities Inc. Selects Nstein Taxonomy Solution
Nstein Technologies Inc. has sold its Authority File and Taxonomy Manager and Arabic document categorization software to Internet Securities Inc. (ISI), a business and financial information service company.
News, Posted 06 May 2003
Synapse Corporation Launches
Synapse, the Knowledge Link Corporation, a developer of custom taxonomies and taxonomy management software, has launched a new Web service that is designed to help companies identify and acquire professional taxonomies.
News, Posted 06 May 2003
ACIS to Resell FAST's Enterprise Search and Filter Solutions in Canada
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alert technologies, and ACIS Consulting, a systems integrator and management consultant, have formed an agreement upon which ACIS will become the first Canadian reseller of FAST Data Search, a real-time search and information retrieval solution.
News, Posted 29 Apr 2003
Newest Verity Ultraseek Now Available in Japan
Verity, Inc., has announced that the newest version of Verity Ultraseek enterprise search software, release 5.0.4J, is now available in the Japanese market.
News, Posted 29 Apr 2003
Endeca Introduces Version 3.5 of Guided Navigation Platform
Endeca, provider of Guided Navigation and search solutions, has announced Version 3.5 of the Endeca Navigation Engine, its patent-pending technology platform supporting Endeca ProFind and Endeca InFront solutions.
News, Posted 25 Apr 2003
Google Acquires Applied Semantics
Google has acquired Applied Semantics, a Santa Monica, California-based producer of software applications for the online advertising, domain name, and enterprise information management markets.
News, Posted 25 Apr 2003
Stockgroup and AP Digital Sign Agreement with
Stockgroup Information Systems Inc. a financial media and technology company, and AP Digital, a division of The Associated Press that provides news and information to interactive markets, have signed a licensing agreement with
News, Posted 18 Apr 2003
SurfWax Launches Enterprise Tool
SurfWax, a provider of Web-based research solutions for schools and law firms, has announced the release of SurfWax Enterprise, designed for corporations and enterprises that need to implement an intelligent approach to Open Web searching for knowledge workers in their organizations.
News, Posted 18 Apr 2003
Merrill Embeds Convera's RetrievalWare in Discovery Navigator
Convera and Merrill Corporation have announced that Convera's RetrievalWare search and categorization technology has been embedded in Merrill Discovery Navigator, Merrill's new Web-based litigation software system that provides customized, multiple-user access to discovery databases.
News, Posted 18 Apr 2003
Gunning for Information: Pop-up Desktop News
For some industries, access to real-time information provides calculable advantages. Take the investment sector, for one. Successful traders require an almost extra-sensory ability to intuit the ways in which major mergers and minor management changes will affect a stock's worth. These shifts can occur minute-by-minute and translate into to hard-earned or hard-lost money measured in seconds.
News, Posted 16 Apr 2003
Jeeves Solutions Upgrades Flagship Product
Jeeves Solutions, a division of Ask Jeeves, Inc., has announced the availability of a major upgrade to its flagship product, JeevesOne.
News, Posted 15 Apr 2003
Yahoo! Search Reborn
Yahoo! Inc. has announced the launch of its new Yahoo! Search.
News, Posted 11 Apr 2003
Convera and Intelliseek Partner; South African Mining Company Chooses Convera
Enterprise search vendors Convera and Intelliseek have announced a partnership designed to extend distribution and bring greater functionality to their current product offerings. Convera has also announced that a South African mining company is using RetrievalWare search and categorization technology on its corporate Intranet .
News, Posted 08 Apr 2003
Inxight Announces Licensing Agreement with Plumtree
Inxight Software, Inc., a provider of software solutions for using unstructured data, has announced a new alliance with enterprise Web technology provider Plumtree Software.
News, Posted 08 Apr 2003
Kofax Acquires Mohomine
Kofax, an information capture vendor, has acquired San Diego-based automated text classification and extraction developer Mohomine in a cash transaction.
News, Posted 08 Apr 2003
MuseGlobal Announces New Authentication Feature
MuseGlobal, Inc. has announced a new authentication option to MuseSearch, providing more flexible alternatives for retrieving data from subscription-based HTTP sources.
News, Posted 08 Apr 2003
The Low-End Theory: Verity Leverages Inktomi Acquisition to Open New Doors
News, Posted 08 Apr 2003
iXmatch and Sagebrush Corporation Sign Software Distribution Agreement
iXmatch Inc., a provider of matching, searching, and analytics software, has announced an agreement with Sagebrush Corporation, a provider of technologies and information resources for K-12 districts and schools, to license and distribute iXmatch software including iXmetafind, its metasearch software.
News, Posted 04 Apr 2003 Announces Partnership with Education Planet, a provider of Cost-Per-Click search technology has announced a partnership with Education Planet, a K-12 educational portal on the Web.
News, Posted 04 Apr 2003
Endeca and ClearForest Announce Strategic Partnership
Endeca and ClearForest have announced a partnership that will provide customers with the ability to search, explore, and navigate unstructured enterprise data.
News, Posted 01 Apr 2003
NTT-X Selects FAST to Power Search on Goo
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of search and real-time filtering technologies, has announced that NTT-X, Inc., a Japanese Internet service provider, has selected FAST to power the multimedia searching capabilities on its search engine portal site, goo (
News, Posted 01 Apr 2003
The Washington Times Launches Electronic Editions With NewsStand
News, Posted 25 Mar 2003
FAST Releases FAST Data Search 3.2
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of search and real-time alert technologies, has unveiled FAST Data Search 3.2, a new version of its search solution that is designed for organizations seeking either departmental or enterprise wide solutions.
News, Posted 25 Mar 2003
Convera and IXOS Partner for Search and Archiving Solution; Convera Launches Taxonomy Developer Certification Program
Convera and IXOS Software Inc. have announced a new partnership designed to assist enterprise customers in managing large volumes of business documents and email communications. Convera has also announced that it has certified ten partners as part of its new Taxonomy Developer Certification Program.
News, Posted 25 Mar 2003
Guardian Chooses Stellent Lotus Notes Integrator
Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced that The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, a mutual life insurance company in the United States, has selected the Stellent Lotus Notes Integrator.
News, Posted 21 Mar 2003
Captiva Chooses Mohomine Classification Software
Mohomine, Inc., a provider of text processing automation software, has announced that its classifier product, mohoClassifier, has been licensed by Captiva Software Corporation, a provider of input management solutions, for use in Captiva's new information capture applications based on its InputAccel workflow platform.
News, Posted 18 Mar 2003
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