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Verity Introduces BPM Solution with In-Process Search
Verity Inc. has announced the availability of a business process management (BPM) solution with full-text search for access to time-sensitive content across the entire business process lifecycle. Verity LiquidOffice version 4.0 includes the capability to search, evaluate, and monitor in-process content and other information.
News, Posted 19 Apr 2005
Google Adds Mobile Local Features
Google Inc. has released two new local services that are designed to enable people on-the-go to quickly and easily connect to the information they want from their mobile phones or wireless device. From local business listings to interactive street maps, users can now access Google Local information via a mobile Web browser and driving directions using Google SMS.
News, Posted 15 Apr 2005
Userplane Introduces Sitesearch
Userplane, a provider of social software, has announced Userplane Sitesearch, a hosted search engine that is designed to easily integrate into any community-based site. Userplane Sitesearch is the product of a partnership with Transparensee.
News, Posted 15 Apr 2005
TEMIS and Mondeca Announce Semantic Web-based Solutions
TEMIS, a European text mining provider, and Mondeca, a software vendor specializing in solutions for knowledge and content organization, have announced the conclusion of a sales and technology alliance. The alliance created the opportunity for an integrated solution based on TEMIS' Insight Discoverer suite of Text Mining software and Mondeca's Intelligent Topic Manager.
News, Posted 12 Apr 2005
Zenplex Partners with Emic to Offer m/cluster to Media and Publishing Industries
Emic Networks, a provider of application clustering solutions for open source, has announced its partnership with Zenplex Inc., a technology-based company specializing in designing and integrating workflow solutions for the media, print, and publishing industries.
News, Posted 12 Apr 2005 Toolbar Adds Content Services
Data Depth Corporation, a/k/a:, has announced that its free toolbar for the browser has been upgraded to include a host of new content services. In addition to facilitating enterprise site licenses, single-use licenses, and permissions requests, the toolbar now adds additional content services. Toolbar
News, Posted 08 Apr 2005
Inxight Software and Intellisophic Enter Joint Marketing Agreement
Inxight Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, and Intellisophic, Inc., a publisher of taxonomic content, have announced a joint marketing agreement intended to improve the way organizations access the essential knowledge contained in their unstructured data.
News, Posted 05 Apr 2005
Sprint Announces Message Archive Service
Sprint has announced a new message archive service designed to assist businesses that depend on email communications to securely transfer important data. Message Archive, an off-site managed security service, is intended to efficiently secure, preserve, and retrieve information assets to help meet business continuity, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance needs.
News, Posted 05 Apr 2005
Getting What You Pay For: Are High-Priced Reports Worth The Money?
Do you get "sticker shock" when you see some of the three- and four-figure prices on analyst reports and some of the new books on content management? Well, I have bought some of them and now that I’m a columnist I’ve gotten more for review, so I will try to tell you whether they’re worth it.
News, Posted 05 Apr 2005
LexisNexis Launches Total Search v. 3.0
LexisNexis U.S. has announced the availability of LexisNexis Total Search v. 3.0, which is designed to improve a law firm's ability to maximize its investments in internal prior work product. The new release includes all of the searching capabilities of the LexisNexis service along with the Shepard's Citations Service applied to internal documents.
News, Posted 01 Apr 2005
LookSmart Launches Vertical Search Engines Aimed at Targeted Demographics
LookSmart has announced the launch of its first five vertical search destinations to provide niche audiences with search results. After analyzing audience and research data from FindArticles, LookSmart has developed five separate vertical content destinations.
News, Posted 01 Apr 2005
Siderean Provides Solution for Indiana Humanities Council Education Portal
Siderean Software, Inc., a provider of flexible navigation solutions to organize and manage information, has announced that Siderean's Seamark Navigation Server is providing navigation and search capabilities for a new education portal developed for the Indiana Humanities Council.
News, Posted 29 Mar 2005
Cybergolf Announces Search Engine for Golf Industry
Cybergolf, a provider of online marketing tools for the golf industry, has launched Cybergolf Search. This new search engine has been designed and developed to offer relevant Web search results for the golf industry and consumer.
News, Posted 29 Mar 2005
Insightful Announces InFact 3.0
Insightful Corporation, a provider of software solutions for analysis of numeric and text data, has announced the launch of InFact 3.0, for text analysis and relationship search. InFact 3.0 is designed to offer a new interactive text query language that enables users to execute custom, flexible, and complex searches from a simple Web interface (much like familiar Internet search tools).
News, Posted 29 Mar 2005
Nerac Announces Integration and Patent Search Platform Using Mark Logic
Nerac, an information resource for scientists, engineers, and Intellectual Property (IP) professionals, has selected Mark Logic Corporation, provider of an XML content server, to implement a smart content management system and develop a real-time patent search platform for its end-user customers.
News, Posted 29 Mar 2005
Google to Acquire Urchin
Google Inc. has agreed to acquire Urchin Software Corporation, a San Diego, California based Web analytics company. Urchin is a Web site analytics solution used by Web site owners and marketers to better understand their users' experiences, optimize content, and track marketing performance.
News, Posted 29 Mar 2005
Deep Web Technologies Deploys Alert Service for now offers a free “Alert” service, created by Deep Web Technologies (DWT), that sends alerts to patron’s email each week based on their area of interest in science., a collaboration of the U.S. Department of Energy and 11 other federal agencies, is intended to ease the process of accessing federal science information by offering the public a one stop search page that crawls government R&D results, government information resources, and databases on scientific topics.
News, Posted 25 Mar 2005
LookSmart Redesigns
LookSmart, an Internet search company, has announced a redesign of FindArticles including tools and functionality that are designed to ease frustrations often associated with search, and improve the specificity and quality of the content returned.
News, Posted 22 Mar 2005
Zinio Systems Launches Reader 3
Zinio Systems, Inc. has announced the production release of Zinio Reader 3, a new version of its Reader software, following a successful beta trial. In addition, the company also announced the release of a second version of their new browser-based magazine viewer, Zinio Express. Zinio's new products, available immediately for download, are designed to offer a complete solution for magazine publishers and their readers.
News, Posted 22 Mar 2005
IAC/InterActiveCorp to Acquire Ask Jeeves, Inc.
IAC/InterActiveCorp and Ask Jeeves, Inc. have signed an agreement under which IAC will purchase Ask Jeeves. Under the terms of the agreement, IAC will issue 1.2668 shares of common stock for each share of Ask Jeeves common stock in a tax-free transaction valued at $1.85 billion net of cash acquired.
News, Posted 22 Mar 2005
Thinkmap Introduces Visual Thesaurus, Version 3
Thinkmap has announced the release of Visual Thesaurus Version 3. The Visual Thesaurus, which was first released in 1998, provides users with a visual representation of the relationships inherent in the English language. Users start by searching for a word, and then explore through clicking on related words and meanings.
News, Posted 18 Mar 2005
Index Engines Launches Enterprise Search Architecture
Index Engines has announced the commercial availability of an enterprise search appliance that indexes data inline with the existing backup process. Unlike traditional enterprise search solutions that crawl networks and desktops in order to find data, the Index Engines Appliance sits in the path of the data backup and transparently indexes data as it is flows through the storage network.
News, Posted 18 Mar 2005
FAST Unveils FAST mSearch for Mobile Users; Partners with TietoEnator
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has unveiled FAST mSearch and has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with TietoEnator.
News, Posted 18 Mar 2005
ebrary Launches Government Collections, Announces Pilot Program
ebrary, an information services and technology provider, has announced that several new collections specifically for government and military libraries are now available through the ebrary Dynamic Content Platform (DCP). The new collections include Business, Management & Leadership, Computers, Technology & Engineering, International Relations & Military Affairs, Government Affairs, and Science & Environmental Studies. Additionally, ebrary has announced that it is seeking pilot customers for its new, server-based technology, which will ship in Q3 2005.
News, Posted 15 Mar 2005
TEMIS and Lingsoft Partner to Expand Text Mining Coverage to Northern Europe
TEMIS, a text mining software vendor in Europe and Lingsoft, a natural language processing specialist, have signed a bilateral collaboration agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, TEMIS will expand the linguistic coverage of its software solutions to support 16 languages.
News, Posted 15 Mar 2005
NTT DoCoMo Adopts Adobe Reader LE for 3G Mobile Platform
Adobe Systems Incorporated and NTT DoCoMo, Inc. have announced an agreement for DoCoMo to adopt Adobe Reader LE software for its 3G FOMA handsets, in an effort to provide customers of the i-mode service with access to high-impact, reliable content delivered in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
News, Posted 11 Mar 2005
ActivePoint Announces TX5 Discovery Engine Suite
ActivePoint, a provider of contextual natural language search and guidance engines that are designed to emulate the human communications process to provide pinpointed discovery, has announced the availability of its TX5 Discovery Engine system suite.
News, Posted 11 Mar 2005
Google Announces Customized News
Google has announced a new feature on Google News that enables users to customize their front page news as they read it.
News, Posted 11 Mar 2005
Search Word Pro Released
Search Word Pro has been released--an online search tool that is designed to search search engines, blogs, invisible Web resources, government search engines, magazines, and news search engines and sites in a new way. The technology is the culmination of over four years of research and development by former federal government researcher Paul J. Krupin and Don Short, programmer and President of One Word Telecommunications, both based in Kennewick, Washington.
News, Posted 08 Mar 2005
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