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Vivisimo Releases Velocity 5
Vivisimo, a provider of search software and expertise, has introduced Velocity 5, an enterprise search platform.
News, Posted 23 May 2006
Inxight Launches Search Extender for Google
Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has launched Inxight Search Extender for Google, an application that allows Google Search Appliance and Google Desktop users to find relevant documents and locate hidden information in document sets and individual documents.
News, Posted 23 May 2006
Multisite management
Stellent announces Site Studio
News, Posted 22 May 2006
MetaCarta Joins the Google Enterprise Professional Program
MetaCarta, Inc., a provider of geographic intelligence solutions, has announced it has joined the Google Enterprise Professional program, which extends Google search and can help customers get more out of their Google enterprise search deployments.
News, Posted 16 May 2006
Gannett Acquires Planet Discover
Gannett has acquired Planet Discover, a provider of local, integrated online search and advertising technology.
News, Posted 16 May 2006
Building on Basis for Multilingual Digital Forensics
Basis Technology recently announced an initiative to create the next generation of digital forensics products. Basis Technology specializes in multilingual information retrieval, focusing on the problem of searching, sorting, classifying, and organizing information in many different languages. The company’s clients include Google, Microsoft, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AOL, and numerous others.
News, Posted 16 May 2006
Google Announces New Search Products
Google Inc. has announced new technologies designed to enhance and improve the search experience.
News, Posted 12 May 2006
Portals for the masses
JBoss enhances open source platform
News, Posted 10 May 2006
Personal knowledge management
PersonalBrain 3.0
News, Posted 10 May 2006
Sonic Foundry Enhances
Sonic Foundry Inc., a provider of automated rich media communications technology, has announced new capabilities to
News, Posted 09 May 2006
K2 climbs higher
Autonomy announces enhancements
News, Posted 08 May 2006
Cognos and Google partner
BI support for OneBox
News, Posted 08 May 2006
Provalis Research Releases WordStat 5.1
Provalis Research has announced the release of WordStat 5.1, Provalis Research's text mining and content analysis tool.
News, Posted 05 May 2006
Stellent Integrates With FAST
Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced it has integrated FAST InStream, the OEM enterprise search solution from Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), with Stellent Universal Content Management to provide Stellent customers with another search and retrieval platform.
News, Posted 05 May 2006
Nstein Announces Financing
Nstein Technologies Inc. has announced a projected financing of CAN$10 million.
News, Posted 05 May 2006
RLG to Integrate Products and Services with OCLC
RLG, a nonprofit organization of over 150 research libraries, archives, museums and other cultural memory institutions that designs and delivers information discovery services, organizes collaborative programs, and creates and promotes relevant standards and practices, and OCLC Online Computer Library Center a nonprofit, membership, library service and research organization that provides computer-based cataloging, reference, resource sharing, eContent, preservation services, and research to 54,000 libraries in 109 countries, have agreed to come together.
News, Posted 05 May 2006
Guiding right
Siderean introduces Searmark Navigator 4.0
News, Posted 03 May 2006
Stellent and FAST team up
InStream integrated into UCM
News, Posted 03 May 2006
QL2 and Traction Software Partner for Data Extraction
QL2 Software and Traction Software have announced a joint development partnership that makes data extracted from the deep Web by QL2 Software's data extraction platform, WebQL, available to users of Traction's TeamPage enterprise Weblog solution for team decision-making.
News, Posted 02 May 2006
Liquid Machines Extends ERM Solution; Announces Fileshare Gateway
Liquid Machines, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions, has announced the Liquid Machines Google Mini Gateway--a solution that enables organizations using the Google Mini enterprise search appliance to index and search rights-managed content.
News, Posted 02 May 2006
Inxight Announces Product Integration with LexisNexis
Inxight Federal Systems Group, a provider of federated search, extraction, and visualization solutions for government organizations, has announced an agreement with LexisNexis, U.S., a provider of information and services solutions that integrates the Inxight ThingFinder Professional into its Enterprise Data Fusion System for enhanced analysis of unstructured textual data.
News, Posted 02 May 2006
Structuring the unstructured
Attensity releases beta of Server 4.0
News, Posted 01 May 2006
Exchange diagnostics
Zenprise offers service management software
News, Posted 01 May 2006
Vivisimo Announces Velocity Universal Connect
Vivisimo, a creator of software to access and cluster information for better search and discovery, has announced Velocity Universal Connect, plug-and-play connectivity to third-party search and content application connectors.
News, Posted 28 Apr 2006
Online Financial Product Seekers Deserve Attention, Says Report
iCrossing has officially announced the latest installment in an ongoing series that examines online search behavior, attitudes, and preferences.
News, Posted 28 Apr 2006
Intellext Releases New Version of Watson Search Tool
Intellext has announced the release of Watson 2.3, a search tool that proactively finds and delivers information to users.
News, Posted 28 Apr 2006
Massive extraction
Inxight announces SmartDiscovery Extraction Server
News, Posted 26 Apr 2006
The knowledge imperative
[Editor's note: The first part of this article, "The $60 Billion Challenge," appeared in the April 2006 KMWorld.]
News, Posted 26 Apr 2006
Coutts Library Services and the University of Toronto Announce EBook Initiative
The University of Toronto and Coutts have announced a co-operative effort in bringing ebook content to the University, designed to enhance remote access for students and staff from all campuses.
News, Posted 25 Apr 2006
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