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Inxight Announces Product Integration with LexisNexis
Posted May 2, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Inxight Federal Systems Group, a provider of federated search, extraction, and visualization solutions for government organizations, has announced an agreement with LexisNexis, U.S., a provider of information and services solutions that integrates the Inxight ThingFinder Professional into its Enterprise Data Fusion System for enhanced analysis of unstructured textual data.

By integrating Inxight's ThingFinder Professional with the LexisNexis Enterprise Data Fusion System, LexisNexis Special Services is able to offer its customers in the intelligence community a scalable solution for the refinery, processing, linking, and analysis of streams of disparate structured and unstructured data. Through the integration of commercial and open-source information with classified and agency-specific data, analysts can derive richer context and discover hidden links between people, places, and other associated entities, transforming disparate information sources into actionable intelligence.

Inxight ThingFinder Professional can be integrated into virtually any application that processes textual information, enabling users to create relevant structured data from unstructured data. It provides advanced text analysis technology that automatically identifies and extracts key entities or other "things" from any text data source, in multiple languages, with no setup or manual creation of rules required. Inxight ThingFinder automatically identifies and extracts more than 35 key entities--such as people, dates, places, companies, or other things--from any text data source, in multiple languages.


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