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Teragram Launches Direct Answers for the Enterprise
Teragram, a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, has announced the launch of Direct Answers for the Enterprise, a technology that searches documents within corporations to break down users' queries and find answers to their questions.
News, Posted 23 Jun 2006
Inxight Releases Categorizer 5.0
Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has announced the general availability of Inxight Categorizer 5.0, a hybrid categorization engine.
News, Posted 23 Jun 2006
Extending desktop search
X1 adds connectors
News, Posted 21 Jun 2006
Archive search
FAST InStream for Data Classification
News, Posted 21 Jun 2006
PRESS INDEX Partners With TEMIS and Mondeca
PRESS INDEX, a provider of press clipping technology, has announced it has signed partnerships with TEMIS, a Europe-based Text Mining solutions provider, and Mondeca, a software vendor specializing in knowledge and content organization solutions, to further automate its media watch and content aggregation.
News, Posted 20 Jun 2006
Cymfony Partners With Sphere
Cymfony, a media research and analysis provider, has announced it has expanded its service offerings through a partnership with Sphere, a provider of blog search technology.
News, Posted 16 Jun 2006
Nstein Concludes Financing Round
Nstein Technologies Inc. ("Nstein"), has announced the conclusion of its previously disclosed private placement of CAD$10M with J.L. Albright IV Venture Fund L.P. ("J.L. Albright"), a Canadian venture capital company, and Solidarity Fund QFL (the "Fund").
News, Posted 16 Jun 2006
Really easy RSS
NewsGator offers new platform
News, Posted 14 Jun 2006
Thomson ResearchSoft Releases EndNote X for Windows
Thomson ResearchSoft, a business of The Thomson Corporation, has announced an upgrade to EndNote, bibliographic management software for researchers, librarians, and students.
News, Posted 13 Jun 2006
Optevi Enables Personalized Search
A new search capability called Optevi is designed to enable Web users to access information on the Internet through any existing technology.
News, Posted 09 Jun 2006
French Publishing Group Sues Google
French publishing group La Martinière has filed suit against Internet search engine Google for alleged breaches of copyright.
News, Posted 09 Jun 2006
Livelier life sciences
Nervana Discovery 3.0
News, Posted 07 Jun 2006
Symphony Technology Group to buy Hummingbird
All-cash deal worth $465 million
News, Posted 07 Jun 2006
Enterprise Search Needs Highly Specific, According to Report
The third edition of the Enterprise Search Report finds that--despite widespread predictions of consolidation in the enterprise search marketplace--buyers face many supplier choices with look-alike features, while new entrants continue to join the supplier landscape.
News, Posted 02 Jun 2006
Cogitum Releases FotoTagger
Cogitum LC, a software developing company, has announced the release of FotoTagger, a free software tool for image annotation and sharing.
News, Posted 02 Jun 2006
More effective search for Google
Inxight introduces Search Extender
News, Posted 31 May 2006
New features for MindServer
Projects & Expertise application
News, Posted 31 May 2006
Recommind Releases MindServer 4.2; Announces Application Platform
Recommind, an enterprise search and categorization company, has announced MindServer 4.2, the latest release of its flagship MindServer platform.
News, Posted 30 May 2006
Yahoo! and eBay Partner
Yahoo! and eBay have announced a partnership to provide services to each others' customers.
News, Posted 30 May 2006
Groxis Appoints New CEO
Groxis, a producer of visual search applications and developer of the Grokker Enterprise Search Management platform, has announced that it has appointed Brian Chadbourne as CEO of the Company.
News, Posted 30 May 2006
FAST Signs OEM Agreement with Day Software
Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, and Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search technologies and solutions, has announced that FAST will bundle Day's standard connector technology as part of an original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) agreement.
News, Posted 26 May 2006
MetaCarta Unveils New Version of Enterprise Geographic Intelligence Software
MetaCarta Inc., a provider of geographic intelligence solutions, has announced the general availability of GTS 3.5, the newest version of MetaCarta's geographic intelligence application for the enterprise.
News, Posted 26 May 2006
JumpTap Reveals Growth in Mobile Search
Wireless operators providing carrier-branded mobile search capability to subscribers are seeing growing sales of mobile content and increased revenues, according to metrics now available from JumpTap, Inc., a provider of white-label mobile search technology.
News, Posted 26 May 2006
UBM and Convera to Co-Develop Search Engine
Convera Corporation, a provider of search technologies to commercial enterprises and government agencies, has announced that it has signed a joint development agreement with United Business Media plc (UBM), a global business information company.
News, Posted 26 May 2006
Endeca Receives Patent for Guided Navigation
Endeca, a search and information access company, has announced that it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,035,864 covering the company’s hierarchical data-driven navigation system and method for information retrieval, known in the search and information access markets as the Guided Navigation experience.
News, Posted 26 May 2006
WebSideStory introduces Search 4.0
Site search and analysis
News, Posted 26 May 2006
Exeros Announces Alliance with Informatica
Exeros, Inc., a provider of automated data relationship discovery, has announced the signing of a teaming partner agreement with Informatica Corporation, a provider of data integration software.
News, Posted 23 May 2006
KDDI and Google Partner to Incorporate Google Search into au EZ Web
KDDI Corporation has announced an agreement with Google Inc. to incorporate Google's search engine into KDDI's EZ Web Internet service for au mobile phones, beginning in July.
News, Posted 23 May 2006
Information Today, Inc. Launches Enterprise Search Portal
Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced the launch of a new portal covering enterprise search and related technologies.
News, Posted 23 May 2006
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