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Recommind Releases MindServer 4.2; Announces Application Platform
Posted May 30, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Recommind, an enterprise search and categorization company, has announced MindServer 4.2, the latest release of its flagship MindServer platform. The platform transforms high volumes of discrete files, documents, and messages contained in numerous enterprise applications into manageable information relevant to a user's specific purpose. MindServer 4.2 now provides enterprise users with search-based application integration, multi-level security, and Web 2.0 usability.

The MindServer 4.2 platform incorporates a search-based application integration framework to solve complex, large-enterprise information search challenges. Based on the user's search request, the framework uses inference technology to combine and integrate otherwise-unrelated documents and files from various sources into a set of context-based results that relate to the user's request. Release 4.2 of the MindServer platform contains additional enhanced features, including: Multi-level security, where MindServer 4.2 respects the security of native systems, while allowing additional security rules to be layered on top, enabling organizations to implement complex access rules; and Web 2.0 usability, where enhanced Smart Filtering features provide an AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML)-based interface, enabling users to drill down into details of a specific result set.

The company has also announced MindServer Projects and Expertise, an application for its MindServer 4.2 platform. Using inference capabilities built into Recommind's search-based application integration framework, Projects and Expertise delivers a 360-degree view of an organization's projects and people by integrating information from multiple corporate systems. Projects and Expertise captures inter-relationships between otherwise-unrelated documents and files in personnel, project, and document systems. When users enter a query, the actual search term provides context for the result and determines which relationships are relevant to the user's immediate information need. Projects and Expertise can further utilize these inter-relationships to infer previously undiscovered characteristics of projects and people.

The application automatically extracts information from back-end enterprise systems-- such as customer relationship management (CRM), project and portfolio management (PPM), email, contact, time and billing, intranet, customer support databases, document management, and other systems so it is always current. The Projects and Expertise application provides a secure access point for employees to find and drill down into all related information about specific business alliances and channel partners, consulting projects, customers and sales, technical, market, product, and financial experts, account and support teams, and other expertise within the company. The MindServer 4.2 platform and Projects and Expertise are immediately available.


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