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Media Publisher Unveils Software Platform for enterprise TV
Media Publisher, Inc. (MPI), a developer of software for business video in the enterprise, has announced Media Publisher 4.0, the latest release of its software platform for enterprise TV (eTV). Release 4.0 is a software platform for migrating an enterprise to business video over IP networks - for live webcasting, video-on-demand, and video conferencing content broadcast over the corporate network and the Internet.
News, Posted 24 May 2005
i411 Announces Discovery Engine Search Tool; iLocal Deployment
i411, Inc., a search-technology provider based in northern Virginia, has developed Discovery Engine, a search tool that uses algorithms to compress information into a format that is optimized for searching. Discovery Engine is intended to make navigating massive information bases easier, and allows users to focus their searches and obtain the specific information they seek.
News, Posted 24 May 2005
Google Announces Strategic Initiative
Google has announced a strategic initiative referred to as "fusion," the goal of which is to bring together Google functionality, and content from across the Web. The personalized homepage is the first of a number of approaches the company is exploring to make personalized information more accessible and useful.
News, Posted 24 May 2005
Ask Jeeves Acquires Excite Europe
Ask Jeeves, Inc., a provider of information retrieval technologies, brands, and Internet advertising services, has announced the acquisition of Excite Italia B.V., the operator of Excite Europe, a network of pan-European portal properties, from Tiscali, S.p.A.
News, Posted 24 May 2005 Introduces Digital Life, Interactive Lifestyle Technology Feature has announced the launch of Digital Life, found within the site’s Tech & Science section. This new, interactive lifestyle technology subsection is designed to allow users to enter a digital representation of various living spaces in the home and discover the way technology has transformed each.
News, Posted 24 May 2005
Vivisimo Introduces Velocity for Life Sciences v4.2; Bio-It World, Inc Chooses VLS; Vivisimo Partners with
Vivísimo, the creator of clustering software for search and discovery, has introduced the Velocity for Life Sciences (VLS) search and discovery platform that includes meta-alerts, collaboration, document delivery, and advanced reporting capabilities for improved knowledge sharing among functional groups across an enterprise. Vivisimo has also announced that Bio-It World has chosen the Velocity for Life Sciences platform and that the company has partnered with
News, Posted 20 May 2005
Google Announces Desktop Search for Enterprise; Innovative Partners with Michigan State U Libraries for Google Scholar Integration
Google Inc. has announced Google Desktop Search for Enterprise. This free downloadable application is designed to enable companies to provide employees with the ability to search for information on their computers in a similar manner to Also, Innovative Interfaces has entered a development partnership with Michigan State University Libraries to allow enhanced access to their subscription resources through Google Scholar.
News, Posted 20 May 2005
Teragram Unveils TK240 Version 5 Taxonomy Management Software
Teragram, a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, has announced the general availability of Teragram TK240 Version 5, the company's flagship taxonomy management software. Teragram TK240 Version 5 allows content management specialists to develop, test, and deploy taxonomies using Teragram's categorization and concept extraction technology that is designed to enable faster and more accurate classification of vast amounts of information in real-time.
News, Posted 20 May 2005
Inxight Acquires Federated Search and Alert Technology Assets from Intelliseek
Inxight Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has completed its purchase of the federated search and alert technology product line, formerly called Enterprise Discovery Suite, from Intelliseek, Inc. The product line has been renamed Inxight SmartDiscovery Awareness Server.
News, Posted 20 May 2005
InQuira Announces General Availability of Inquira 7; Adds Personalization Products
InQuira, a provider of search solutions intended to improve the quality of customer interactions through Web sites and contact centers, has announced the general availability of InQuira 7, an expansion and upgrade of InQuira's Intelligent Search platform. New products that are now part of the platform include Personalized Navigation and Process Wizards, in addition to the recently announced Contact Center Advisor and Information Manager modules.
News, Posted 17 May 2005
Siderean Announces Seamark Navigation Server
Siderean Software, Inc., a provider of information search and aggregation technology, has announced the general availability of its Seamark Navigation Server – a turn-key, enterprise-class navigation capability that is designed to permit users to “search the way they think” using a natural, intuitive process.
News, Posted 17 May 2005
ISYS Search Software Announces ISYS 7
ISYS Search Software, a supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, has announced the release of ISYS 7, the company's next-generation enterprise search platform. ISYS also announced the immediate general availability of ISYS:desktop 7, the company's enterprise-class desktop search application.
News, Posted 17 May 2005
Koders Unveils Search Engine for Open Source Code
Koders, Inc., creators of tools that are designed to enable organic code reuse and improve developer productivity, has announced the availability of, a new search tool for identifying and accessing open source code on the Internet.
News, Posted 17 May 2005
Ovid Announces SearchSolver Federated Search Solution
Ovid Technologies, provider of electronic medical, scientific, and academic research information solutions, has announced its next generation federated search solution, SearchSolver. Ovid SearchSolver is a federated search and resource discovery tool intended to allow organizations to simplify access to online information.
News, Posted 13 May 2005
Teragram Adds Hungarian to Linguistic Suite
Teragram, a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, has announced the addition of Hungarian to its Linguistic Suite, bringing the total number of supported languages to more than 30, including all major Western and Eastern European languages, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic. Support for additional languages is forthcoming.
News, Posted 10 May 2005
KANA Announces Agent Desktop Search Solution
KANA Software, Inc., a provider of service resolution management (SRM) solutions, has announced KANA Agent Desktop Search. The new solution is designed to enable integration between KANA Agent IQ, the company's contact center knowledge base, with desktop search applications.
News, Posted 10 May 2005
Endeca Announces Manufacturing and Distribution Search Solutions
Endeca, a provider of guided navigation, search, and analysis solutions, has announced the availability of new Manufacturing & Distribution Search Solutions, a combination of information retrieval applications and services expertise.
News, Posted 06 May 2005
WebSideStory Completes Acquisition of Atomz
WebSideStory, a provider of on-demand digital marketing applications, has completed its acquisition of Avivo Corporation, a provider of on-demand site search and Web content management. Under the terms of the deal, WebSideStory acquired all of the outstanding capital stock and options of Atomz in exchange for approximately 3.1 million shares of common stock and approximately $4.3 million in cash.
News, Posted 06 May 2005
FinancialContent Partners with Quepasa to Offer Bilingual Financial Channel
FinancialContent, Inc., a provider of financial data and business applications to online media and financial services companies, has announced the launch of a bilingual financial channel with paid search listings in English and Spanish at FinancialContent has also entered into a strategic alliance with Quepasa Corporation to extend the availability of Quepasa's performance-based advertising solutions in both English and Spanish across FinancialContent's network of financial channel deployments.
News, Posted 29 Apr 2005
Inxight Software and A.I. Tech Software Partner to Provide CRM Solution
A.I. Tech Software, Inc., a provider of relationship management solutions with an integrated natural language (NLP) interface, and Inxight Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, have partnered to create a set of solutions designed to improve and enhance existing CRM, service, and support products.
News, Posted 29 Apr 2005
AdGooroo Launches Version 3.0 of Search Advertising Research Service
AdGooroo, a paid search competitive intelligence company, has launched version 3.0, including a competitive keyword research service, trademark infringement monitoring, and extended agency capabilities. AdGooroo's trademark monitoring service is designed to help advertisers protect their revenues and brand equity by actively monitoring search engine advertising.
News, Posted 29 Apr 2005
Intellext Introduces ActiveContext iSuite
Intellext has announced its newest solution, the ActiveContext iSuite, available with client, server, and component modules. This newest product suite from Intellext is designed to help companies that are in the business of publishing and distributing online content to increase the visibility of their information and offer their users a richer and more satisfying online experience by driving content to the people who need it.
News, Posted 29 Apr 2005
NXTbook Media Launches NXTbook 2.0
NXTbook Media (NBM), a provider of developing technology-based solutions for digital magazines, has introduced the NeXT generation of the NXTbook publishing platform, the NXTbook 2.0. The platform includes a new interface, faster page loading, enhanced searching capabilities, digital rights management and the ability to store text data in XML repositories.
News, Posted 29 Apr 2005
Siebel Systems and FAST Form Multi-Year Partnership
Siebel Systems, Inc., a provider of business applications software, and Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, have formed a multi-year partnership. Terms of the agreement involve the integration of FAST InStream within the core Siebel business applications platform, making FAST’s enterprise search capabilities available across Siebel Systems’ family of business applications and hosted solutions.
News, Posted 26 Apr 2005
Helius and Harris Corporation Join Forces in H-Class Content Delivery Solution
Helius, Inc., a provider of business class data broadcasting solutions, and Harris Corporation Broadcast Communications Division have announced that Harris will integrate Helius’ patented software with its H-Class Content Delivery Platform. The agreement is intended to create a new class of IP-ready video asset management products that extend the functionality of the platform’s asset management capabilities.
News, Posted 26 Apr 2005
Infospace Signs Search Distribution Agreement with MSN
Infospace Search & Directory, a Web search and online directory services provider and a business of InfoSpace, Inc., has announced a two-year agreement to add results from MSN Search, a search engine built from the ground up by Microsoft, to Infospace's search offering.
News, Posted 22 Apr 2005
Verity, BBN Technologies, and Jubilant Create Video-Audio Search Solution
BBN Technologies, a developer of speech recognition technologies, Jubilant Technologies Inc., creator of a middleware platform for multimedia management, and Verity Inc. have announced the availability of a video-audio search solution for organizations seeking to better organize, locate, and analyze relevant multimedia content.
News, Posted 22 Apr 2005
Dieselpoint Releases Search 3.5
Dieselpoint, a provider of search software, has announced a new version of Dieselpoint Search, which is designed to provide an all-Java solution to the problem of finding information in documents, databases, and XML. Dieselpoint Search fully supports full-text search, but the software also allows metadata facets to be exposed in the search interface, enabling guided browsing via dynamically-generated hyperlinks.
News, Posted 19 Apr 2005
Onfolio Announces General Availability of Onfolio 2.0
Onfolio, Inc., an independent software company committed to helping students and professionals find and manage Web information, has announced the general availability of Onfolio 2.0. Onfolio 2.0 is a PC solution built into the browser with integrated tools for reading RSS news feeds, collecting and organizing online content, and publishing to email, weblogs, and Web sites.
News, Posted 19 Apr 2005
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