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Blog Search Market Heats Up
So far, the big online search companies such as Yahoo!, MSN, and Google have been slow to answer, which has allowed smaller, more nimble companies like Technorati (the current leader), Daypop, Feedster, and IceRocket to gain a foothold in the market for blog search tools. It is a potential gold mine of a market for big and small companies alike.
News, Posted 25 Oct 2005
Nexidia Launches Management Consulting Practice
Nexidia, a provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions, has announced that it has launched a Management Consulting Practice to help customers increase productivity, reduce overhead, and improve quality levels in their contact centers.
News, Posted 21 Oct 2005
Bitrix Implements New Search Methods
An improved search method has been added to the Bitrix Site Manager.
News, Posted 21 Oct 2005
Ovid Annouces New Platform & Partnership; Expands Partner Publishing
Ovid Technologies, a Wolters Kluwer business and global provider of electronic medical, scientific, and academic information research solutions, has announced the launch of a new multi-language content platform, Ovid Lingua.
News, Posted 21 Oct 2005
DocuLex Announces Desktop Search 7.1
DocuLex, Inc., a provider of document imaging and management software, has announced the release of Version 7.1 of Desktop Search.
News, Posted 21 Oct 2005
PaperThin Announces Content Classification & Discovery Capabilities
PaperThin, Inc., a Web publishing and content management software provider, has announced advanced content classification and discovery capabilities in CommonSpot Content Server version 4.6.
News, Posted 21 Oct 2005
Inform Announces New Online News Platform
Inform Technologies LLC has announced a new platform for Internet-based news consumption.
News, Posted 21 Oct 2005
LexisNexis, AAA to Deliver Awards
LexisNexis U.S., a provider of news, business, and legal information services, and the American Arbitration Association (AAA), a provider of conflict management and dispute resolution services, have announced a relationship to deliver a new electronic collection of searchable Labor Arbitration Awards exclusively via the LexisNexis research services.
News, Posted 18 Oct 2005 Joins SubmitNet's New Combined Platform, a provider of Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertising, has announced a referral partnership with SubmitNet, giving advertisers access to's campaign features through SubmitNet's new search engine optimization and paid search control panel.
News, Posted 14 Oct 2005
Venue Solutions Launches BI Tool
Venue Solutions, a specialist provider of venue management technologies, has launched VenueView, a business intelligence tool that can deliver tailored reporting for sports business operations.
News, Posted 14 Oct 2005
Kazeon Announces OEM Agreement with NetApp; Announces New Server
Kazeon, a provider of information classification and management solutions for the enterprise, has announced it has signed an OEM, development, and marketing agreement with Network Appliance, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Kazeon and NetApp will integrate the data classification and search capabilities of Kazeon’s Information Server with Network Appliance storage systems.
News, Posted 14 Oct 2005
AOL Uses Teragram for Search
Teragram has announced that AOL has selected its Direct Answers technology for AOL's Quick Answers search function. Direct Answers is able to extract keyword information for a more precise and exact search for information.
News, Posted 14 Oct 2005
FAST Extends Its Offerings for System Integrators and OEMs
Fast Search & Transfer, a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has announced the company is launching the FAST X10 Partner Program.
News, Posted 11 Oct 2005
Scirus Partners with Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
Elsevier has announced a partnership between Scirus, its free science-specific search engine, and the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) to add the collection of theses and dissertations of its member institutes to Scirus.
News, Posted 11 Oct 2005
IXIASOFT Launches TEXTML Server 3.6
IXIASOFT, a native XML database and search engine market provider, has announced the availability of TEXTML Server 3.6.
News, Posted 11 Oct 2005 Launches Categorization, an Internet resource for online news, has announced the availability of its NewsRank categorization technology across the 177 newspaper and television station Web sites of Gannett Co., Inc., Knight-Ridder, Inc., and Tribune Company.
News, Posted 11 Oct 2005
Verity Announces Search Product Family
Verity Inc. has announced Verity Search, a new family of business search products that--with a single query--provides unified results from multiple, simultaneous searches across targeted sources.
News, Posted 11 Oct 2005
LexisNexis Applied Discovery Announces Expansion
LexisNexis Applied Discovery, a provider of electronic discovery services to law firms and corporations, has announced an expansion of the consulting services offered to its corporate clients.
News, Posted 07 Oct 2005
Google Merges Local and Maps Products
Google Inc. has announced the official launch of Google Local, merging the technologies behind Google Local and Google Maps.
News, Posted 07 Oct 2005
Inxight Spins Off Inxight Federal Systems Group
Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has announced the formation of Inxight Federal Systems Group, Inc., a wholly owned Inxight subsidiary with headquarters in Reston, VA.
News, Posted 07 Oct 2005
Eedo Knowledgeware Announces Launch of Enable Software Product
Eedo Knowledgeware, a provider of software products for Real-Time Learning and Knowledge systems, has announced its new product Eedo Enable.
News, Posted 04 Oct 2005
Celebrating nine years of KM
News, Posted 01 Oct 2005
Text mining's next step
News, Posted 01 Oct 2005
GlobalSpec Indexing More Pages of Research
GlobalSpec, a specialized search engine and online community for engineers and technical buyers, has announced it is further expanding its content offering to users by indexing a broad range of proprietary research and reference content from technical publishers.
News, Posted 30 Sep 2005
Cadmus Communications Launches Electronic Access Solution
Cadmus Communications Corporation announced that it has released QLU, a content delivery solution to provide access control, delivery, and search functionality for the reference book and directory publishing markets.
News, Posted 30 Sep 2005
Vivisimo Wins Firstgov Contract to Build Search Portal
Vivisimo, creator of software to access and cluster information for search and discovery, has announced that it has been selected to provide enhanced search results for the FirstGov Web portal at
News, Posted 27 Sep 2005
PubSub’s LinkRanks Measures Blog, RSS Feed Movement, Popularity, a prospective search tool for tracking what people are saying about topics, has announced the formal release of PubSub LinkRanks, a tool for tracking the popularity and influence of blogs and Web sites.
News, Posted 27 Sep 2005
ActivePoint Announces EasyFlip e-Catalog
ActivePoint, a provider of contextual natural language search, has announced the availability of its EasyFlip e-Catalog, a click-through sales circular that emulates the look and feel of print circulars and is designed for use by eTail sites.
News, Posted 27 Sep 2005
Quintura Announces New Web Search Software
Quintura, a Web search company, has announced the launch of its next generation of web search software--Quintura Search.
News, Posted 27 Sep 2005
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