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Schools, nonprofits to benefit
News, Posted 27 Mar 2006
Watson for SharePoint
Intellext offers new enhancement
News, Posted 27 Mar 2006
Nexidia Releases Nexidia ESI
Nexidia, a provider of audio search and speech analytics solutions for government intelligence, contact center management, and Internet media, has announced the availability of Nexidia Enterprise Speech Intelligence (ESI) 6.0.
News, Posted 24 Mar 2006
Open Text Expands Email Management Suite
Open Text Corporation, a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, has announced an expansion of its email management solutions, with new compliance features designed to help customers meet email regulations in industries, such as financial services, as well as address internal requirements for email monitoring.
News, Posted 24 Mar 2006
Google Releases Google Finance Beta
Google has launched Google Finance Beta, a way for users to search for and find financial information about public and private companies, as well as mutual funds.
News, Posted 24 Mar 2006
Brainware opens U.S. headquarters
Operates as independent entity
News, Posted 23 Mar 2006
InBoxer Launches Email Monitoring Appliance
InBoxer, a provider of language-based email filtering, has announced an outbound and inbound email monitoring appliance designed to stop data loss, protect privacy, and manage inappropriate employee behavior for organizations and departments with 5,000 or fewer employees.
News, Posted 21 Mar 2006
Intellext Announces Integration with Microsoft
Intellext, creators of the search tool Watson, has announced a product enhancement that will provide all users of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies with the ability to have content automatically delivered from SharePoint sites directly to their desktop.
News, Posted 21 Mar 2006
Extreme CM
Day Software debuts CRX 1.1
News, Posted 20 Mar 2006
Groxis and EBSCO Publishing Partner for Visual Search Technology
Groxis, a producer of visual search applications and developer of the Grokker Enterprise Search Management platform, and EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) have announced that they have teamed to deliver a visual search feature as part of EBSCOhost, a database platform for corporations, hospitals, schools, government agencies, universities, libraries, and other institutions worldwide.
News, Posted 17 Mar 2006
Questel Orbit Releases FamPat Plus
Questel.Orbit, a provider of intellectual property information services worldwide, has announced the release of FamPat Plus, a full text content enhancement to its international patent database, FamPat, offering users more focused, searchable, and displayable content.
News, Posted 17 Mar 2006
The Search for Podcasts Is On With Podzinger
With each emerging content type comes the ever-present need to help users find it. While text-based search has continued to evolve, effective tools for rich media are still nascent. For the Web’s hot content-type du jour, podcasting, search tools have only just started to appear, though this search niche is poised to heat up: Forrester Research predicts that 12.3 million U.S. households will listen to podcasts by decade’s end; the Diffusion Group estimates the U.S. podcast audience will be at 56 million by 2010.
News, Posted 16 Mar 2006
CAMIO Fine Arts Database Available Throughout NC Libraries
RLG, an international, not-for-profit membership organization of over 150 research institutions, has announced its fine arts database CAMIO--Catalog of Art Museum Images Online--is now available at libraries throughout North Carolina.
News, Posted 14 Mar 2006
Accoona Unveils Search Functionality
Accoona Corp., a provider of the application of artificial intelligence to Web search, has unveiled search functionality for Internet-based data search and retrieval.
News, Posted 14 Mar 2006 Introduces New Features for Sharing Web Info has introduced site improvements designed to give users the ability to manually post tagged links, access RSS feeds from topic experts and keywords, and import existing links from other sites.
News, Posted 14 Mar 2006
Infostoria Launches Content Integration Suite
Infostoria Inc., an enterprise content integration provider, has announced the general availability of its Content Integration Suite.
News, Posted 14 Mar 2006
IBM Introduces DB2 Data Warehouse Platform
IBM has unveiled new business intelligence software, DB2 Data Warehouse Edition V9.1, designed to help clients make decisions about their operations, products, and services in real time by transforming raw business data to business insights.
News, Posted 14 Mar 2006
Enhancing search scope
Quintura releases Version 1.5
News, Posted 13 Mar 2006
New intelligence for Documentum CIS
Intellisophic delivers vertical-specific taxonomies
News, Posted 13 Mar 2006
Image text search
WebQL 3.0 from QL2
News, Posted 13 Mar 2006 Unveils Health Search Engine has unveiled its Health Search Engine.
News, Posted 10 Mar 2006
UK Web Designers to Launch Search Engine
Brendan Ellis and Craig Dent are aiming to launch a search engine off the back of the publicity surrounding the global internet pixel phenomenon.
News, Posted 10 Mar 2006
Inxight Enhances Entity Extraction
Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, has announced the general availability of Inxight ThingFinder SDK 4.0 and Inxight ThingFinder Professional SDK 4.0.
News, Posted 10 Mar 2006
Exalead Announces exalead one: enterprise 4.0
Exalead, a provider of search software, has announced the release of exalead one:enterprise 4.0.
News, Posted 10 Mar 2006
LexisNexis Launches Nexis Service
LexisNexis U.S., a provider of information and services solutions, has announced the launch of the new Nexis service at
News, Posted 10 Mar 2006
Advancing analytics
Attensity launches Version 2.0
News, Posted 08 Mar 2006
Enhanced extraction from Inxight
Releases new SDKs
News, Posted 08 Mar 2006
Exalead extends enterprise search platform
Releases Version 4.0
News, Posted 08 Mar 2006
RNK Introduces SubjectTalk
RNK Telecom, a global telecommunications and high-tech services provider, has announced its new calling service, SubjectTalk.
News, Posted 07 Mar 2006
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