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August 08, 2007

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Northern Light brightens SinglePoint
IBM PartnerWorld Integrates SearchInform with Websphere
Pixsy Launches Vertical Media Search Engine
Business Search Engine Announces Release of Knuru BlogWatch
Call for Papers - Enterprise Search Sourcebook 2008
H.W. Wilson Company Releases 19th Edition of Sears List
Healthline Raises $21 Million to Expand Medically Guided Search Platform
Yahoo! Completes Right Media Acquisition
Ovid Expands Partnership with Oxford University Press to Increase eBook Offerings
Bitam Allies with Aracena Martinez and Asociados
Publishing solution from Schemalogic

Northern Light brightens SinglePoint

Northern Light has unveiled SinglePoint 4.0, its hosted market research portal and content integration application. The company further describes SinglePoint as an enterprise search application that provides centralized search, analysis and access for diverse sources of internal, external and licensed market intelligence.

Northern Light aggregates all targeted content daily for each SinglePoint client--internal primary research, licensed secondary sources and other licensed material--indexes it and makes it available for unified access.

SinglePoint 4.0 enhancements address three areas of functionality: personalization, ease of use and system administration. For example, SinglePoint 4.0 lets each user create a personalized home page by adding headline feeds based on custom search queries, alerts delivered via e-mail or RSS feeds and "My Favorite" analyst research and news by topic, source or author.

Northern Light adds that ease of use in SinglePoint 4.0 has been enhanced by offering preconfigured "Expert Searches" created by professional editors based on an organization’s information priorities. Also available to users is a comprehensive research vendor database, so with one click users can ascertain, under their organization’s policies, how to acquire a piece of research to which they may not automatically have access.

For administrators, SinglePoint 4.0 offers an expanded set of usage monitoring and reporting facilities, which among other things, enable accurate research subscription ROI assessments and internal charge-backs. In addition, administrators can communicate information of general interest to all users throughout their organization using announcement boxes that automatically appear on each user’s home page; and they can instantly identify, assign and change users’ research access privileges based on shifting short-term needs and organizational priorities.

Additionally, SinglePoint 4.0 is the platform from which users can access MI Analyst, Northern Light’s text analytics application, which, the company says, is designed specifically to help SinglePoint customers extract business meaning from market research and market intelligence.

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IBM PartnerWorld Integrates SearchInform with Websphere

In the framework of IBM PartnerWorld Industry Networks (PWIN) program SearchInform Technologies has integrated its SearchInform search solution with IBM’s WebSphere product line. SearchInform Technologies developed a JCA Connector, designed for searches to be conducted by means of SICOM SDK. SICOM JCA Connector is implemented as a part of IBM WebSphere Application Server, designed to allow any application working under IBM WebSphere to use SICOM SDK to conduct full text search.


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Pixsy Launches Vertical Media Search Engine

Pixsy Corporation has announced the release of its vertical media search engines developed with Pixsy’s proprietary technology. The first implementation goes live with, a Filipino internet portal and search engine. Pixsy’s development is designed to create tailored verticals for businesses. Customized search engines can be built from a variety of specifications. Under this agreement, Yehey is using Pixsy’s enhanced media search platform designed to populate its highly-popular Internet portal. Pixsy’s Media Search Platform is designed to enable consumers to search for multimedia content based on popular categories, including news, sports, entertainment, celebrities, and travel. Pixsy will use its proprietary technology to capture, index, and deliver the most current and relevant thumbnail images and video worldwide.


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Business Search Engine Announces Release of Knuru BlogWatch, a business information search engine, has announced the release of Knuru BlogWatch. Knuru BlogWatch, used in conjunction with Knuru’s Contextual News, is designed to provide real-time online monitoring of blogs worldwide. Using proprietary technology designed for accelerated data extraction, Knuru BlogWatch enables customers to monitor blogs to serve their business intelligence needs. In order to access Knuru BlogWatch, users will need to perform a search query using natural language search, then users will be given the option to view results from the following tabs: Strategic, News, BlogWatch, and Ask.

Quick Facts about Knuru BlogWatch: Powered by, a Ping Server; 120 million posts indexed and analyzed each month; Covers all major blog posting sites including MySpace, Blogger,, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and Six Apart platforms; Addition of 6,000 podcasts and 10,000 blogs reviewed by editors. Knuru had partnered with to be used in conjunction with its own search service. In addition, saved search results, personalized home pages, and mobile access are all on schedule for release in the very near future.


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Call for Papers - Enterprise Search Sourcebook 2008

Enterprise Search Sourcebook 2008

Call for Submissions

Here’s your chance to share what you know with peers, colleagues, and the industry at large.

Information Today,Inc., the producer of Enterprise Search Summit—the first and leading event focused on deploying search technology within organizations—is looking for people with strong feelings, deep opinions, and exciting tales to tell about deploying search technology in the enterprise.

We’d like to publish your thoughts and observations in the 2008 edition of our Enterprise Search Sourcebook.

Our editors are looking for articles (of from 1200 to 2500 words) to include in the 2008 edition.  Articles can be on any topic related to the general subject of enterprise search.  See some suggestions, below.

So, if you have general observations to make about the state of enterprise search or its role in your organization, let us know of your interest by filling out our online submission form

The deadline for telling us you'd like to write an article for EnterpriseSearch Sourcebook is August 31.  

Dick Kaser
ITI, VP., Content


Enterprise Search -- Topics of Interest to our Editors

You should feel free to propose any topic that is related to the subject of enterprise search.  Here’s what we’ve selected to cover in related venues. 

Enterprise Search -- General Topics

  • Classification & Taxonomies
  • Content Management & Search Technology
  • Entity Extraction & Other Automatic Processes
  • Faceted Navigation & Search
  • Project & System Management
  • Results Display & Visualization
  • Search Analytics
  • Systems & Information Architecture
  • Tagging & Metadata
  • Tools for Discovery

Trends & Themes We Published About in 2007

  • Convergence of search and business intelligence
  • Mobile enterprise search
  • Adding social network analysis to search
  • The future of findability
  • Using analytics to improve search
  • Principles of effective search
  • Restoring browse to the enterprise
  • Search and information architecture
  • Search appliances in practice
  • Taxonomies, metadata and search
  • Desktop search
  • Case Studies:  Searching your enterprise

Issues Addressed at Our Conferences

  • Integrating search with dynamic content systems
  • Building an effective search interface
  • Deploying an enterprise-wide search platform
  • Search and business intelligence
  • E-discovery and compliance
  • Searching enterprise e-mail
  • Search for decision-making
  • Blending folksonomies and taxonomies
  • Desktop search in the enterprise
  • Tuning search engine metrics and log analyses
  • Mining data to improve the user experience
  • Search engines as a platform for applications development
  • Semantic search
  • Faceted search in the enterprise
  • Tends in enterprise search
  • Contextual search and text analytics
  • Designing search results pages
  • Integrating enterprise data with search results
  • Open source & search solutions

Don't be limited by the items on these lists.  Our editors are open to whatever you think is important to share with the 20,000 readers of Enterprise Search Sourcebook.

Check Out Last Year's Edition

Put Your Idea on the Table

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H.W. Wilson Company Releases 19th Edition of Sears List

The H.W. Wilson Company has announced the 19th Edition of Sears List of subject Headings. Sears List of Subject Headings is designed to give small to mid-sized libraries a foundation of up-to-date headings designed to optimize access to their collections, together with patterns and examples to guide in creating further headings efficiently and according to standard. The new 19th Edition has been designed to cover topics from today's headlines. New headings have been added in science and technology; in lifestyle and entertainment, reality television programs, and Body piercing; in world affairs, such as war reparations, suicide bombers, and border patrols; and in the arts, such as Urban fiction and Art pottery. More than 400 headings have been added in all. Sears List of Subject Headings, 19th Edition brings libraries more than 8,000 headings, plus "Principles of the Sears List", a 23-page document that lays out the theoretical foundations of the Sears List and offers a concise introduction to subject cataloging.


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Healthline Raises $21 Million to Expand Medically Guided Search Platform

Healthline, a provider of intelligent health information services, has secured $21 million in Series B financing led by GE/NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund, a joint venture between GE Commercial Finance’s Media, Communications & Entertainment business and NBC Universal. The round also includes strategic financing from Aetna Ventures, LLC, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, U.S. News and World Report, and previous investors VantagePoint Venture Partners and Reed Elsevier Ventures. Healthline plans to use proceeds from the Series B round to expand research and development, engineering, sales, and network services to meet the growing demand from a broad spectrum of blue chip consumer-facing businesses looking to improve the way consumers find, understand and manage health-related information.

Highlighting this financing round is a series of key operating alliances between Healthline and its strategic investors, including an agreement in which Healthline will provide isearch, navigation and content services to NBC Universal’s iVillage Total Health, a consumer health portal. In a separate announcement also made today, Healthline marks a major expansion of its partner network to include its collaboration with NBC Universal’s iVillage Total Health and agreements to power health information services on Aetna, AOL, and


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Yahoo! Completes Right Media Acquisition

Yahoo! Inc has announced that Yahoo!'s acquisition of Right Media has been completed. The acquisition follows Yahoo!'s 20 percent investment in Right Media in October 2006. Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo! has acquired the remaining equity interest in Right Media for approximately $650 million.


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Ovid Expands Partnership with Oxford University Press to Increase eBook Offerings

Ovid Technologies, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, has announced that it has expanded its agreement with Oxford University Press (OUP) to provide over 300 OUP medical and health science e-books, including over 80 new titles, for subscription and purchase on the Books@Ovid platform.

As part of the agreement, while continuing to offer the traditional annual subscription option, Ovid will also offer Books@Ovid customers the option of a perpetual access, or purchase model, for any of the titles scheduled to be live on Books@Ovid, as well as those that are already available on the platform. The purchase option allows customers to own top-selling OUP titles on Books@Ovid, such as the Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Oxford Textbook of Surgery, and the New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry, in perpetuity, with no limits to their access rights through Books@Ovid.

Books@Ovid combines premium content with search and discovery technology featuring natural language searching. Since Books@Ovid is fully integrated with an institution’s eresources, users can link directly to any other content resource referenced in a book. Other key features include an expandable table of contents, back-of-the-book indexing, and simple navigation. In addition, users always have access to a title’s most current edition.

The addition of the new Oxford University Press titles and the inclusion of this publisher’s entire Books@Ovid selection in the purchase option provide more choice to the Books@Ovid user community. In addition to Oxford University Press, books from Springer, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, McGraw-Hill, and other publishers are also available on Books@Ovid.


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Bitam Allies with Aracena Martinez and Asociados

Bitam has announced its new alliance with Aracena Martinez & Asociados. With this new alliance, joint customers of Aracena Martinez & Asociados and Bitam can explore, find, and analyze key business metrics. Through reporting capabilities in Bitam software, Aracena Martinez develops reports that combine disparate data and content sources. The combined effort is intended to allow customer organizations give employees, graphical presentation, reporting that drive daily decisions, resource allocation, and overall business performance. Aracena Martinez & Asociados designs, develops, and supports IT systems and reengineers business process. With the Bitam software suite, Aracena Martinez & Asociados created methods designed for timely information delivery.


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Publishing solution from Schemalogic

Schemalogic has released its Business Semantics Management software specifically designed for media and publishing enterprises.

Schemalogic reports its new publishing offering provides a solution for customers to implement a collaborative process that enables writers, photographers and editors to participate in the development and enrichment of the underlying content tags that describe information. It further explains that content tagging is an advanced method of identifying and labeling information assets including audio, video, news stories and other Web content using text descriptions. Schemalogic’s software manages the definition and relationships between content tags so that each individual in each department can continue to work in a way that makes sense for him or her, while the semantic differences are resolved by the technology.

Schemalogic is working with enterprises in other vertical markets, as well, including energy, government and life sciences.

Please click the link below to article by Paula Hane, who is
Information Today's news bureau chief.

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