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April 13, 2011

Table of Contents

Looking for Thought Leaders on Enterprise Search
SEARCH Roundup
EBSCOhost Adds eBook Preview
Adicio Releases Built-In Faceted Search and SEO Enhancements
Attivio’s ARM Solution to Reduce Risk and Cost
Q-Sensei Introduces Enterprise Search Platform

Looking for Thought Leaders on Enterprise Search

This month, we have two opportunities for you to get your thoughts about enterprise search on the table, two opportunities to present your winning approach, successful case study, or implementation strategy to peers and colleagues. 

Submit your proposal today for our Enterprise Search Summit sessions this fall in London and Washington, D.C. 

Just follow these links to the submission forms.

Enterprise Search Summit (DC) -- Nov. 1-3, 2011, Washington Marriott Wardman Park--Avi Rappoport and Andy Moore, program chairs.

Enterprise Search Europe (London) -- Oct. 24-25, Hilton London Olympia--program chair Martin White.

Hurry!  Our calls for speakers expire shortly.

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SEARCH Roundup

Here is a sampler of some of the search-specific software and services vendors.

ASG Software Solutions
Total Content Integrator (TCI)
Web search across repositories, file systems, databases and applications, including e-mail and SharePoint.

Attensity Discover
Semantic middleware for organizational search and classification.

Active Intelligence Engine
Integrate information from internal and external sources for Web portals, site search, discovery and data analysis.

"Pan-enterprise" search across company divisions, operating systems, language barriers and file types; FRCP compliant.

SharePoint Monitor provides real-time, graphical topology of the Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Extend the search capabilities of SharePoint Server and Microsoft Search Server.

Structured and unstructured data including e-mails, attachments, OCR’d images and PDFs.

Concept Searching
conceptSearching; conceptClassifier

Taxonomy and automatic document classification using "compound term processing."

Content Analyst
Latent semantic indexing—search intelligence from the documents being indexed.

Coveo Solutions
Coveo Enterprise Search
Access to e-mail, archives, CRM, support systems, intranet, enterprise systems, databases, Web and multimedia.

CMS 400
HTML content, documents and digital assets.

EMC Documentum Federated Search Services
Access to an unlimited number of information sources with a single query.

Endeca Technologies
Information Access Platform
Structured MDEX Engine database and information transformation layer for content acquisition and enrichment.

CloudView Search Edition
E-mail, Web pages, Office documents, PDFs, database records, enterprise application data, audio, video, images.

Google Enterprise
Google Search Appliance; Google Mini
On-premise, relevant search for your intranet or website.

OmniFind Enterprise Edition
Find, analyze and mine unstructured information—regardless of storage location or format.

InQuira Intelligent Search
Linguistic techniques and contextual understanding of the intent behind a user’s query.

IntelliSearch Enterprise
Built on .NET, single point of access to any file, any fileserver, any mail server, any application.

ISYS Search Software
Enterprise Server
Engine for database-driven applications—e-commerce, business process management, e-mail archiving and retention.

FAST Search for SharePoint
Combines search with the broad portal, collaboration, content management and business intelligence capabilities of SharePoint.

Targeted, industry-specific data repositories and subscription services that complement enterprise connectivity and search.

New Idea Engineering
Federated Search Framework
Distributes query to multiple engines, and then combines all the results into a single list of matches.

Discovery Server; Federated Query Server
For large quantities of dynamic, customized information; single access point to query multiple repositories.

Secure Enterprise Search
Websites, file servers, CMS, ERP, CRM, BI systems and database search.

Knowledge Management & Enterprise Portals
Search, categorization and classification including taxonomy and metadata strategy.

Decisiv Search
Automatically index, retrieve and categorize structured and unstructured information.

Search Technologies
Open source enterprise search
SOLR/Lucerne-based semantic search, categorization and entity extraction.

Enterprise Search
Linguistic and semantic technology for intelligent decision making.

Intelligent Information Management Platform
E-discovery, information governance, records and storage management.

Enterprise Vault
E-mail and content archiving across Exchange and Domino, SharePoint and Windows.

Velocity Enterprise Search Platform
Information access and knowledge sharing, discovery, personalization and collaboration.

ZyLAB North America
eDiscovery EDRM Bundle
Legal collection, culling, de-dupe, conversion of e-mail and attachments, ESI for discovery requests.

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EBSCOhost Adds eBook Preview

EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) released the preview of eBooks on EBSCOhost, a year after its March 2010 acquisition of NetLibrary. The integration of NetLibrary's eBooks with EBSCOhost database content provides libraries and end users with a more functional way to easily access a library's collected electronic content.

EBSCOhost libraries will be able to access the preview site through the Try New Features link on EBSCOhost, while NetLibrary users will see a banner with the link on the NetLibrary interface. The company will be collecting feedback through a survey that will be available on the preview, and the results will be monitored during the preview period, which will end with the migration from NetLibrary to EBSCOhost in July.


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Adicio Releases Built-In Faceted Search and SEO Enhancements

Adicio Inc., a provider of interactive classified advertising software solutions for media companies, is adding some enhanced search features to its platform that are designed to increase usability and revenue opportunities for Adicio's Careers clients. The new features include faceted search, streaming updates, enhanced location search, additional spotlight listings, a new design and layout for search results, and SEO enhancements.

The Adicio search engine is a core aspect of its Careers platform, which gives it the flexibility to upgrade, customize, and scale client search interface and features as markets and technology evolve. Adicio Careers is designed to let clients easily configure and customize Search Facets to create a branded user experience on their Search Form, Search Results and Listing Detail pages using CSS (cascading style sheets).


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Attivio’s ARM Solution to Reduce Risk and Cost

Attivio, Inc., announced the release of its Active Regulatory Management (ARM) solution for financial services. The solution monitors regulatory agencies, notifies staff members responsible for revising corresponding internal rules and policies, documents completion, flags delinquent updates, distributes policy changes, and provides an on-demand audit trail. ARM monitors regulations published on more than 200 internet sites, indexes internal policies, and provides a hierarchical dashboard for its users.

By automating risk management practices, ARM is designed to reduce the number and size of fines, improve productivity and compliance, and enable a reduction in self-insurance requirements. The ARM solution is built on Attivio's award-winning Active Intelligence Engine (AIE). Attivio announced that the solution was deployed at one of the world's largest banks, and is now generally available to any financial service enterprise.


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Q-Sensei Introduces Enterprise Search Platform

Q-Sensei released its new enterprise search platform, which gives businesses a real-time view of all their data in a single combined interface. The enterprise search platform analyzes and processes both structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources, including databases, document servers, SharePoint, and CRM systems, as well as social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook.

Q-Sensei's enterprise-spanning search capability is designed to give business users a secure and accurate view of all relevant data for business analytics, statistical analyses, and media and market trend tracking. The platform is ideal for corporate intranet searches, organizational analytics, social searches, and consumer-facing websites.


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