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Verity Introduces BPM Solution with In-Process Search
Posted Apr 19, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Verity Inc. has announced the availability of a business process management (BPM) solution with full-text search for access to time-sensitive content across the entire business process lifecycle. Verity LiquidOffice version 4.0 includes the capability to search, evaluate, and monitor in-process content and other information. The product is designed to encompass all stages of the business process lifecycle with an intuitive design and modeling environment, process orchestration, reporting and analytics capabilities, and open, standards-based support for human and machine interfaces.

As a result of Verity's acquisition of Dralasoft, provider of the OEM process engine that was embedded in version 3.0 of LiquidOffice, the new release is intended to more fully exploit the engine's capabilities. Verity LiquidOffice version 4.0 is the first BPM solution to result from the company's acquisition of Cardiff Software and Dralasoft. In addition, Verity LiquidOffice version 4.0 has a scalable and redundant core architecture, enterprise-strength security as well as audit tracking functionality and end-user enhancements.

Verity LiquidOffice is also now capable of being deployed in a multi-server environment in an effort to accommodate the growth of people, processes, and information across an enterprise. Verity LiquidOffice is designed to enforce adherence to best practices, corporate policies, and government regulations by centralizing processes and control structures across an enterprise. It affords visibility into those processes, notifies risk managers of non-compliance, and automates corrective actions and responses. Expanded tracking and auditing capabilities in this new LiquidOffice version log system administrator activities such as changing rights and permissions in the management console as well as every time a user accesses or views form-based content. Verity LiquidOffice also includes several new features designed to optimize designer productivity and accelerate deployment of processes. The Form Designer feature supports Unicode character sets that extend the reach of business process internationally. The Verity BPM solution supports both paper forms and digital forms in the enterprise, such as HTML, PDF, InfoPath, paper, and TabletPC.

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