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FAST Unveils FAST mSearch for Mobile Users; Partners with TietoEnator
Posted Mar 18, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has unveiled FAST mSearch and has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with TietoEnator.

FAST mSearch is a mobile search solution to collectively integrate content such as music, games, ring tones, and images with relevant content from the mobile Web, providing users with an optimized and more personal search experience on their mobile devices. FAST mSearch, the latest Search Derivative Application (SDA) to leverage the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (FAST ESP), is designed to enable carriers to drive profitability through the integration of their own content with relevant results from content providers and the Mobile Web. FAST mSearch further improves the revenue opportunities for carriers and content providers by powering a number of business models, such as personalized local search, targeted mobile commerce and advertising services, and multimedia search. Unlike branded applications such as Google, which threaten the business models of carriers and content providers, FAST mSearch offers a breakthrough solution that delivers an integrated and highly relevant set of search results from the Mobile Web and from content sources that meet all appropriate mobile formats.

FAST has transformed enterprise search from a powerful, yet narrowly perceived function, into an enterprise-wide strategic and tactical capability of pivotal importance. FAST ESP and FAST's portfolio of solutions and SDAs supply a complete information retrieval solution ideal for a growing number of key vertical markets and applications including e-Commerce and Internet Portals, Financial Services; Government; Life Sciences; Media and Publishing; and Telecom. For FAST, the search never stops.

FAST has also announced the formation of a strategic partnership with TietoEnator, an IT services company in the Nordic region. As part of this partnership, FAST will integrate its enterprise search platform (FAST ESP) into the TietoEnator Digitalizing Framework to enhance existing functionality in the areas of content management, document management and portal solutions. TietoEnator's concepts, solutions, and working practices, along with technological innovations of technology partners, such as FAST, are being brought together in the Repository portal of Digitalizing Framework. Furthermore, Digitalizing Framework includes a testing environment called Reality Laboratory, where TietoEnator's customers can test how well its technology partners' products can be integrated with, and adapted to their digital self-service solutions. By developing standardized solutions that address common business issues, such as increasing online revenues or enabling collaboration between internal departments, TietoEnator aims to develop streamlined information management systems that allow companies to concentrate more on their core business rather than on managing complex IT projects.

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