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ActivePoint Announces TX5 Discovery Engine Suite
Posted Mar 11, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

ActivePoint, a provider of contextual natural language search and guidance engines that are designed to emulate the human communications process to provide pinpointed discovery, has announced the availability of its TX5 Discovery Engine system suite.

The TX5 uses a natural language engine that incorporates sentence contextual understanding to permit on-line users to find, compare, and be guided to the correct product. Users can ask about products in plain English and expect to receive a targeted response. The TX5 system also makes use of specially formulated guidance engines that help direct the on-line customers towards the required information or products while simultaneously educating the customer about the product offerings. The natural language engine follows the interaction and is designed to provide the user with pertinent information based on their choices.

Features include: TX5 Discovery, TX5 Comparison, TX5 Help, TX5 Graphics, TX5 Chat, and TX5 Report. TX5 Discovery is an advanced natural language engine that is intended to evaluate context from complex queries typed in by the user to deliver a specific range of results. TX5 Comparison delivers to the user a specific comparison showing the differences of the product and not just lists of data. TX5 Help uses detailed definitions of technical words, phrases, and descriptions about what is relevant on the screen; this feature can also support the completion of on-line forms that interactively guide the user on a step-by-step basis. TX5 Graphics offers graphics with the ability to zoom and interact with the graphics to show functionality of products. TX5 Chat allows users to open a text dialogue with an operator. TX5 Report creates user interaction event records, which can be recalled to enable a full analysis of on-line customer behavior.

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