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EnMento Enterprise Search meets the international market's many needs for a search engine able to make highly relevant information accessible in a minimum of time. Our solution efficiently addresses the growing need of businesses & administrations to properly manage information.  EnMento Enterprise Search, is distributed, implemented and supported on a global level through a network of dedicated and competent partners, making our state of the art technology an important ally to your organization and its staff.

A most important competitive parameter for businesses and organizations is the expertise that is used and conveyed among employees. If it can be done quickly and easily, the competitive advantage is further heightened. EnMentoSoft helps you achieve that. Our solutions enable users to find all relevant nformation in an effortless, fast and intelligent process, ensuring high efficiency even with large amounts of data involved.

EnMento Enterprise Search is using the meaning of the language rather than simply searching for specific keywords in the documents. Its unique semantic
feature is capable of presenting a highly logical and reliable set of documents as a result to queries.

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