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SearchInform Technologies Releases Internet Search Product; Announces New Version of SearchInform
SearchInform Technologies, a company operating in the sphere of corporate full text search technologies, has released SearchInform Internet Server, designed to enable the user to organize search through any given site or a list of resources.
News, Posted 03 Apr 2007 Announces On-Demand Mobile Video Service has announced the public availability of its video search service for mobile users.
News, Posted 30 Mar 2007
ClipBlast! Releases ClipBlast! 2.0
ClipBlast!, a video search engine, has launched ClipBlast! 2.0, complete with Video Navigator--Web video technology engineered according to how people actually interact with video online.
News, Posted 30 Mar 2007
UpSNAP Partners with MuseGlobal to Launch Mobile Metasearch
UpSNAP Inc., a provider of free mobile search and streaming mobile audio entertainment, and MuseGlobal, a provider of comprehensive search management systems worldwide, have announced that they are forming a partnership to offer mobile metasearch.
News, Posted 30 Mar 2007
Collaborative DM
Targeting document-intensive processes
News, Posted 28 Mar 2007
FAST's AIW unleashed
BI built on search
News, Posted 28 Mar 2007
The world of super integration
Last summer, in a very quiet acquisition, Microsoft purchased a health intelligence software product called Azyxxi, which was the brainchild of Dr. Craig Feied, Dr. Mark Smith and Fidrik Iskandar of MedStar Health. That acquisition by Microsoft underscores the importance of “smart systems integration,” a phrase I use to describe “systems of systems” that perform exceptionally well together, are highly reliable and really change the way people work.
News, Posted 28 Mar 2007
New options for the enterprise
Extending Exalead
News, Posted 28 Mar 2007
Tantalizing Taxonomies
News, Posted 28 Mar 2007
Clarabridge Releases Content Mining Platform 2.2
Clarabridge, a text-mining software company, has announced Release 2.2 of its Content Mining Platform (CMP), a solution built specifically to enable the commercial use of text mining.
News, Posted 27 Mar 2007
LTU and Microsoft Join Forces to Catch Cyber-Criminals
To turbo-charge child-abuse investigations, LTU Technologies has combined two investigative tools that will provide enhanced resources for victim identification and rescue.
News, Posted 27 Mar 2007
Google Partners With Rwandan Government and Kenya Education Network
Google Inc. has announced separate partnerships with the Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure and the Kenya Education Network (KENET).
News, Posted 23 Mar 2007
Savvy services
Collective Intellect targets financial services
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
NewsGator goes mobile
Support for Java-enabled devices
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Ektron releases CMS400.NET V 7.0
Built-in taxonomy, geo-mapping and wiki authoring
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Enterprise Search Sourcebook -- Now Available Free! has published the first edition of the Enterprise Search Sourcebook. If you have not yet received a copy, click through to sign up. It's free.
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Solve Your Findability Dilemma? Enterprise Search Summit Registration Open
ENTERPRISE SEARCH SUMMIT is a highly intense, in-depth, 2-day conference that covers how to develop, implement and enhance cutting-edge internal search capabilities. If you are an information manager or IT or search professional, ENTERPRISE SEARCH SUMMIT is where you will learn strategies and build the skill sets you need to make your organization’s content not only searchable but "findable." The advance program is now available for download and registration is open.
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Tell Us Your Story . . . Win a Prize
Information Today and Babson College’s Working Knowledge Research Center are working on a special "Discovering Content ROI" contest beginning this month. Tell us your story. Win a iPod nano!
News, Posted 21 Mar 2007
Vamosa Launches ‘Themis’ Platform
Vamosa, a provider of content processing, analysis, and migration, has announced plans to enter the eDiscovery market with the launch of a new platform called Themis.
News, Posted 20 Mar 2007
Biz Technology Solutions Partners With SearchInform Technologies
Biz Technology Solutions Inc (BTS), a provider of full-service technology solutions for the healthcare industry, and SearchInform Technologies, a developer of corporate search solutions, have announced a non-exclusive partnership agreement to distribute SearchInform solutions.
News, Posted 16 Mar 2007
CMS Watch Releases New "ECM Suites Report"
CMS Watch, a vendor-neutral analyst firm that evaluates content management, enterprise search, and portal technologies, will release The ECM Suites Report in April 2007.
News, Posted 16 Mar 2007
Eurekster Secures $5.5 Million in Series B Funding
Eurekster, Inc., a provider of social search has secured $5.5 million in a Series B financing.
News, Posted 16 Mar 2007
Wiki central
MindTouch launches
News, Posted 14 Mar 2007
Keystone Library Network Implements WebFeat Federated Search Solution
The Keystone Library Network is implementing a WebFeat Enterprise Edition federated search solution. For 17 participating libraries, including 14 Pennsylvania State System universities, the WebFeat Enterprise Edition solution enables users at each library to simultaneously search a group of shared resources.
News, Posted 13 Mar 2007
Reportlinker Announces Search Engine For Open Access Market Research Reports
Reportlinker has announced its vertical search engine dedicated to open access market research reports.
News, Posted 09 Mar 2007
Hyperwords Releases Hyperwords 2.0
Hyperwords has released Hyperwords version 2.0. Users can select any word and choose from commands including search, references (definitions and Wikipedia etc.), maps, translation and conversion directly in the page, shop, email, tag, blog and more. All are fully customizable.
News, Posted 09 Mar 2007
Hey--get on my cloud
Quintura launches new version
News, Posted 07 Mar 2007
Industry-specific search tool/portal
Provider HealthNet from SK&A
News, Posted 07 Mar 2007
Convera Launches Publisher Control Panel Beta
Convera Corporation, a provider of search technologies for publishers, has launched the beta phase of Convera Publisher Control Panel.
News, Posted 06 Mar 2007
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