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Text analytics for life sciences
TEMIS introduces new Luxid offering
News, Posted 11 Oct 2006
Google Acquires YouTube for $1.65 Billion in Stock
Google Inc. has agreed to acquire YouTube, a consumer media company for people to watch and share original videos through a web experience, for $1.65 billion in a stock-for-stock transaction.
News, Posted 10 Oct 2006
SearchInform Technologies Introduces SearchInform 3.0
SearchInform Technologies Inc. has introduced a new version of SearchInform, a program of full text search and search for documents similar in their content, featuring an enhanced indexing and information search algorithms as well as a new request caching system.
News, Posted 10 Oct 2006
Endeca Announces Endeca Information Access Platform 5.0
Endeca, an information access company, has unveiled the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP) 5.0, a new release that combines search with business intelligence.
News, Posted 10 Oct 2006
A platform with a purpose
Endeca release IAP 5.0
News, Posted 09 Oct 2006
ClipBlast! Indexes Video for Websites; Introduces Free Search Box
ClipBlast!, a video search engine, has announced that it will index video for websites, and introduced a free, downloadable search box, designed to enable website owners to quickly implement video site search and monetize video content.
News, Posted 06 Oct 2006
Alacra Adds Google Powered Vertical Search Engine
Alacra, Inc., a provider of online business information solutions, has announced the deployment of Google Search Appliances to create the Alacra Compliance Web, a vertical search engine designed to facilitate the account vetting process for financial institutions.
News, Posted 06 Oct 2006
Serials Solutions Launches Central Search Results Clustering
Serials Solutions has launched a new Results Clustering feature for its Central Search federated search service.
News, Posted 06 Oct 2006
WebSideStory Launches Ajax-Enabled Site Search Solution
WebSideStory, Inc., a provider of digital marketing and analytics solutions, has announced its Ajax-enabled site search solution.
News, Posted 06 Oct 2006
TEMIS Announces Luxid Solution
TEMIS, a provider of Text Analytics applications, has announced that Luxid, its recently unveiled Information Intelligence solution, is designed from the ground up on UIMA.
News, Posted 06 Oct 2006
EMC and Microsoft Form New ECM Alliance
EMC Corporation and Microsoft Corp. have announced a new enterprise content management (ECM) alliance aimed at helping to enable organizations to become People-Ready with their compliance, regulatory, and other critical business data.
News, Posted 06 Oct 2006
Archive-It 2: Internet Archive Strives to Ensure Preservation and Accessibility
Preserving seemingly ephemeral web content is a daunting task. The problem is even more difficult because the content of web pages changes and the pages themselves come and go with great frequency, which means simply collecting URLs isn’t enough to keep tabs on valuable content. To help make digital content preservation possible, Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based nonprofit has led a charge to effectively capture and store web content.
News, Posted 05 Oct 2006
Content cleansing
Stellent offers new version of Outside In
News, Posted 04 Oct 2006
Microsoft, EMC ink deal
Form SharePoint 2007 partnership
News, Posted 04 Oct 2006
Search Extender for Google Desktop
Inxight offers free download
News, Posted 04 Oct 2006
Vivisimo Upgrades Clusty.Com and Leverages Site for Search Experiments
Vivisimo has marked the second birthday of its consumer search site with a redesign and new features.
News, Posted 03 Oct 2006
Inxight Offers Search Extender for Google Desktop
Inxight Software, Inc is now offering a free download of its Inxight Search Extender for Google Desktop software to help users leverage the Inxight’s entity extraction and natural-language processing to enhance the Google Desktop search experience.
News, Posted 03 Oct 2006
A suite complete
Alfresco adds WCM
News, Posted 02 Oct 2006
TEMIS introduces Luxid
Information intelligence solution
News, Posted 02 Oct 2006
Skyarc Releases Intrablog Package
Skyarc System has announced its release of SKYARC Enterprise IntraBlog, an intrablog package utilizing Six Apart Ltd.'s Movable Type Enterprise.
News, Posted 29 Sep 2006
Attensa Introduces Free RSS Reader
Attensa, Inc., a developer of RSS software for business, has introduced Attensa for Outlook 2.0, a RSS reader designed specifically for enterprise use.
News, Posted 29 Sep 2006
Kazeon Announces New Products
Kazeon, a provider of unstructured information management, has announced new products.
News, Posted 29 Sep 2006
Basis Technology Acquires Translingual Technologies
Basis Technology, a provider of enterprise software solutions for multilingual text retrieval and analysis, has acquired the intellectual property assets of Translingual Technologies LLC.
News, Posted 29 Sep 2006
FAST offers new platform and SDK
Getting personal
News, Posted 27 Sep 2006
Paid Search Has Slight Edge in Conversion Rates Over Organic Search, According to Study
WebSideStory, Inc., a provider of digital marketing and analytics solutions, has announced the results of a new study that shows paid search has only a slight 9% edge in conversion rates over organic search.
News, Posted 26 Sep 2006
KNOVA Releases KNOVA 7
KNOVA Software, Inc., a provider of Intelligent Customer Experience applications, has announced the general availability of KNOVA 7, the new version of the company’s application suite.
News, Posted 26 Sep 2006
ISYS Announces Arrival of ISYS 8
ISYS Search Software, a supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, has announced the arrival of ISYS 8, the company’s suite for search, navigation, and discovery.
News, Posted 22 Sep 2006
Convera Launches New Product Platform to Combine Web and Enterprise Search
Convera Corporation, a provider of search technologies for professional workers, has launched the TrueKnowledge Platform.
News, Posted 19 Sep 2006
Discover the Definition of Search: ISYS 8 Speaks the User’s Language
In order to support the emerging needs of its clients and meet the expanding definition of search, ISYS Search Software has introduced the latest version of its flagship suite.
News, Posted 18 Sep 2006
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