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Image recognition: A job for smart software or an average human
Featured Content, Posted 29 Sep 2011
Business intelligence ramps up the power for business users
Featured Content, Posted 01 Sep 2011
Geting the Best Out of Your Enterprise Search Investment
Join us in London this October for plenary sessions and parallel tracks on Tools and Techniques and Making Search Work, plus networking, social events and the chance to meet some of key enterprise search solutions providers.For anyone struggling with the challenges of implementing enterprise search, Enterprise Search Europe is a unique opportunity to share experiences, learn about emerging technologies, and find solutions. On the other side of the pond, join us at Soderman SEO headquarters for US networking and a social evening that will be a day and night to remember. Co host will be Tech AZ and Tech Share.
Featured Content, Posted 15 Aug 2011
Enterprise Search in Europe - A Brief History
After many successful Enterprise Search Summit events in the U.S., Information Today, Inc. (EContent's parent company) is launching Enterprise Search Europe in London. Conference Chair Martin White calls the event noteworthy, because in a world where "search" and "Google" are synonymous, he says, it is important to realize the scale of information retrieval research and of the enterprise search business in Europe.
Featured Content, Posted 01 Aug 2011
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Discover Technologies updates DiscoverPoint
Search enhancements for SharePoint
News, Posted 11 Nov 2011
Sportif gets grip on escalating e-mail dilemma
News, Posted 10 Nov 2011
Big Data—Big Challenges
You probably feel you have a good sense of the assets of your organization. You know how many employees you have because they are all in an HR database. You know the sales you made last month because they are all in a sales ledger database. You know how many items you have in stock because they are all in an ERP database. You know how many computers you have because they are all in an asset database. And at the end of the year, all these databases will be queried to produce the annual accounts.
News, Posted 09 Nov 2011
EMC updates SourceOne eDiscovery - Kazeon
Accelerates early case assessment
News, Posted 09 Nov 2011
Simplified mobile document management from M-Files

News, Posted 07 Nov 2011
Finding the right information access method
Attivio releases AIE 3.0
News, Posted 02 Nov 2011
A new sales recipe for the enterprise:
Governance, semantics and a dash of open source sauce
My view is that a content management system exposes problems that were previously invisible...
News, Posted 29 Oct 2011
Personal KM
Turning phatic fumes into golden nuggets
Phat·ic (ftk) adj. Of, relating to, or being speech used to share feelings or to establish a mood of sociability rather than to communicate information or ideas...
News, Posted 29 Oct 2011
Competitive intelligence—
Gaining insight to enhance decision-making
"Companies should decide on their goals, articulate the key decisions that will be made in the next couple of years and define the audience for the information."..
News, Posted 29 Oct 2011
The state of knowledge management
A survey suggests ways to attain more satisfied users.
News, Posted 29 Oct 2011
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