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Enterprise Search Sourcebook
Coveo Solutions, Inc.
Riverside Center
275 Grove Street, Suite 2-400

Newton MA 02466

PH: 800-635-5476
Visit their Web site:

Good enterprise search technology helps businesses access corporate knowledge that exists in multiple repositories and in disparate information sources such as email, CRM, intranets, and multimedia repositories. However, only the best enterprise search solutions make the searching process as easy as searching the Internet, and provides users with a single, unified view of the knowledge they need most.

Coveo offers search solutions that empower people to instantly and securely access and navigate the critical knowledge they need from disparate systems otherwise not integrated. Whether it's to meet regulatory compliance, improve customer response, protect intellectual property or improve organizational efficiencies, Coveo's enterprise search solutions enable organizations to find, understand and act on critical information located anywhere in the enterprise.

Coveo provides knowledge workers with an unrivaled ability to obtain a 360° view of the information they need to drive business. Based on leading-edge technologies and the winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo Enterprise Search solutions deliver platform-class enterprise search with top-level security, unparalleled accuracy and consumer-style ease of use, a radically easier implementation of less than 24-hours, and black belt level customer support right out-of-the-box.

To find out why Coveo Enterprise Search is the right search solution for you, please visit:


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