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Enterprise Search Summit Opens in New York
Posted May 16, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1

IDC analyst Sue Feldman (left) kicked off ITI's Enterprise Seach Summit yesterday with a definition of enterprise search that extended the field from search boxes to anything that helps users discover content of interest. Shown here with conference program chair Nancy Garman (right), Sue said in her keynote address, "The search box is a good starting point, but it's no longer good enough."

Search in 2007, she said, has many faces, because it's embedded in something much larger.  "Search is anything that creates access to information that is unstructured."

The two-day program for Enterprise Search Summit, itself, bore witness to the trend, with sessions on a wide range of search and search-related topics.

If you missed the event in New York this year, good news.  You won't have to wait another year to attend the next installment, which will be in San Jose November 6-7. 

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