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WebSideStory introduces Search 4.0
Posted May 26, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

WebSideStory has unveiled Version 4.0 of its comprehensive search application, which is the first to automatically combine site search and Web site behavioral data.

The company explains that its Active Ranking technology enables marketers to optimize the ranking of their search results based on any number of important visitor metrics, such as conversion rate, entry pages and most requested pages and visits. The result, says WebSideStory, enables marketers to improve their online business objectives, including increasing conversions or delivering the most relevant content. Further, WebSideStory Search 4.0 integrates with the company's HBX Analytics solution via the company's Stream Reporting API.

Among new capabilities of Search 4.0, which is offered through an on-demand delivery model, are:

Active Ranking--enables marketers to automatically influence and optimize site search relevancy--the ability to provide visitors exactly what they are looking for--based on the full spectrum of Web site behavioral data, from e-commerce metrics to content and traffic information.

Active Navigation--provides a guided experience that optimally leads customers to products or data they seek. Using site search to power the site navigation enables visitors to narrow their choices much more easily, while reducing the amount of maintenance and support required by the Web team. (Active Navigation can also take advantage of Active Ranking to automate the integration of Web analytics data into the visitor navigation experience.)

Large Capacity Search--architecture that boosts its search capacity by more than 10 times, making it capable of handling millions of indexed pages, and increased redundancy across its network, meaning nearly 100 percent availability for customers.

Stream Shopping Engine Feeds--automated e-commerce submissions to shopping search engines without having to engage the IT department.

Stream SEO Sitemap Feeds--allows customers of all business models to leverage the product to automatically generate feeds for Google Sitemaps to ensure that Google always has the most current information about a site, based on the priorities customers assign.

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