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Siderean Releases Seamark Navigator 4.0
Posted Apr 25, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Siderean Software, a provider of standards-based solutions for aggregating, navigating, and humanizing digital information, has unveiled Seamark Navigator 4.0. Featuring new application integration, security, and scalability enhancements, Seamark Navigator 4.0 enables business users to navigate and manage all types of structured and unstructured information across the enterprise. Key to Seamark Navigator 4.0 is the ability to enhance exploration and discovery from applications such as Google Enterprise Search and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search to help knowledge workers understand the scope and relationship of information available to them to achieve more relevant results for decision making.

With Seamark Navigator 4.0, users have the ability to aggregate information from multiple sources regardless of format, navigate it to illuminate previously unseen relationships so they can view what they don't know, and humanize the information to access it with the least amount of clicks. Seamark Navigator 4.0 offers several new capabilities for aggregating, navigating, and visualizing structured and unstructured information: External Search Integration with Google's Search Appliance and Oracle's Secure Enterprise Search; Role-Based Security to provide security at the facet level by filtering results based on the source of the information and the role assigned to the user; User Tagging to enable communities of interest to tag content for reference and enhance the navigational experience for all other users; Information Management Policies to leverage extraction and taxonomy capabilities to help organize enterprise information assets and bring together knowledge management without complexity; Facet-Based Relevancy to enable the user to "boost" a facet allowing keywords found in that facet to have a higher priority than the same keywords found in another facet; Usage Analytics to help IT managers understand how navigation is used with enterprise applications; On the Fly and Dynamic Facet Creation to launch new facets and to dynamically change search categories in-context as users navigate the collection of information; Sixty-four bit scalability to manage large volumes of metadata on all structured and unstructured information for discovery and retrieval; and Advanced Management to help administrators monitor and adjust navigation policies across the entire network in real-time. Seamark Navigator 4.0 is immediately available.

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