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Teragram Extraction Technology Delivers Breaking News
Posted Jun 28, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Teragram, a provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, has announced that its entities and events extraction platform powers subscription- based news alerts offered by several media outlets.

Teragram's text mining technology, which includes entities and events extraction, is designed to help people and companies keep up-to-date on breaking issues. Registered users of sites like the New York Times Digital and can specify topics, key words, and public company ticker symbols to be monitored for the instant delivery of breaking news. As soon as news occurs that matches the criteria, it is pushed to the subscriber's desktop as a breaking email alert. This tool is intended to provide users with a personalized news delivery service while also helping to bring them back to the news outlet's Web site.

The technology extracts concepts and key events and categorizes the information into taxonomies. When a content match occurs based on a subscriber's defined criteria, Teragram triggers an alert, keeping the reader informed. Additionally, recipients can specify not only the news they want to receive, but how and when they wish to receive their alerts. Teragram's technology offers suggested additional articles and links based on the user's alert choices.

The Teragram Entities and Events Extractor automatically detects and extracts entities, concepts and events from text and documents. Entities and concepts such as people's and company's names, publicly traded businesses, titles and positions, and geographical locations are among the concepts that are extracted from text. These concepts can be customized for specific domains, organizations, and uses. This product is available as an OEM product to enhance other applications such as CRM, Knowledge Base, and Search, or as a stand-alone enterprise solution.

In addition to identifying concepts in text, Teragram Entities and Events Extractor can also output information associated with the extracted concepts. For example, Teragram Concept Extractor can extract publicly traded companies mentioned in documents and output their ticker symbol and the stock market where they are listed.

The Extractor utilizes Teragram's Automatic XML Marker technology to enable the automatic production of XML tags associated with concepts extracted by the Extractor technology.


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