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Ilumin Releases Assentor Discovery 2.0
Posted Jun 21, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

iLumin Software Services, Inc., a provider of email management solutions, has announced Assentor Discovery 2.0, a tool for searching and producing email. Customers will be able to use the new features to locate and produce specific messages for ongoing legal proceedings or as part of other investigations.

Assentor Discovery 2.0 includes additional search and management options that are designed to enable legal teams to investigate an enterprise's message and content archives. Without involving the IT department, Assentor Discovery is intended to give legal and compliance officers the ability to harvest the archive and manage and produce messages that support ongoing litigation or compliance audits.

Assentor Discovery 2.0 includes an advanced "Legal Hold" feature, which is designed to give companies the ability to classify and protect a set of emails from deletion. Companies need a powerful legal hold capability to comply with court orders or other legal proceedings to avoid sanctions for spoliation, the legal term for destruction of evidence.

Another management enhancement is the ability to automatically designate emails as "privileged" (meaning protected by an attorney-client relationship) based on keywords, sender addresses or other message attributes. Assentor Discovery can now remove these privileged emails from search folders, expected to preserve the integrity of the privileged email. In addition, messages can now be "tagged" for association with specific case research or in-progress litigation, and administrators have options for establishing and applying tags.

Several of the new enhancements relate to Assentor Discovery's search capability. Companies can now use Assentor Discovery to search by email address, employee number, or Assentor ID, designed to improve the speed and accuracy of all archive searches. Assentor Discovery can now search for messages with attachments and automatically sub divide messages by employee name, group membership, email address and email type. This is designed to help end users gain better control over their current and previous searches.

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