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Search Automator Introduces Research Tool
Posted May 27, 2005 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Search Automator, Inc. has introduced its Search Automator version 1.0 research tool. Search Automator v1.0 is a combination search engine/Internet browser software framework designed to improve search results by minimizing wasted time and maximizing search queries.

A key function of Search Automator v1.0 is its ability to allow users to automatically submit research queries to scores of search targets (ranging from the obvious Google and Yahoo! to the more obscure SingingFish and furl) across 14 Internet categories, which include Web, image, audio, video, word, news, RSS/Blog, technology, and entertainment search.

Search Automator v1.0 also provides users with 27 suggested relevant or alternate keywords to further refine and tighten research efforts. Such alternate/relevant keywords range from articles to tutorials and from ebooks to training. Users can further tighten their research efforts through Search Automator v1.0 by only identifying certain file types, such as Web pages, PDFs and images.

Search Automator v1.0 also brings additional search-related tools to the forefront to help maximize search efforts including:

  • alexa (for page rankings),
  • GigaBlast (for related page Web statistics),
  • KwMap (for keyword mapping of the Internet),
  • Overture (for recent search term rankings), and
  • WayPath (for identifying blogs related to a search topic), among others.

Other features of Search Automator v1.0 include a Search Favorites (for identifying and saving searches for future use), an Auto View function (for hands-off viewing of search results), and the ability to search within news sites (such as Topix and the BBC) and popular ecommerce sites (such as Amazon and eBay). Search Automator v1.0 is available for online purchase at $49.95 per copy.

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