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KMWorld 2011 Conference, Nov. 1 to 3,
Washington, D.C.:
KM trends, practices & conversations
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The annual KMWorld Conference encompasses all the essential pieces of information that power today's effective enterprise—including knowledge creation, publishing, sharing, finding, mining, reusing and more. It also features the following co-located events:

Riffing off the conference theme, "Networked Enterprises: Empowered to Share & Apply Knowledge," leading Web strategist and social media guru Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group ( opens KMWorld 2011 on Nov. 1 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., with a look at collaborative enterprises of the future. Using key new research from Altimeter, Owyang talks about social business readiness and how most advanced organizations have established baseline governance, adopted enterprisewide response processes, developed ongoing education programs, and use best practice sharing and leading social media through a dedicated, shared central hub.

Last year, Lynda Braksiek, manager of knowledge and critical skills management for Rockwell Collins, took a team of KM and IT individuals to KMWorld 2010. She says, "I had not been to a KMWorld conference in five years, so I was first impressed with the diversity of the sessions. While I chose the KM tracks typically, having the emphasis on search and SharePoint gave our IT folks an opportunity and the desire to attend the conference as well. However, to my surprise, they chose not to attend all technology tracks once they arrived. They were intrigued with the KM, soft skill focus and behavior-related sessions and discussions in the KM track.

"One of our experts said he finally saw the connection of KM practices and principles to the technologies we implement at our company. He said that it really is nice to understand the purpose behind our KM initiative even more. So, while I was grateful to see him reach this ‘ah-ha' moment, I also learned we still had some work to do at our company with educating our employees on the value of knowledge management. Lesson learned!"

Focus on people

Braksiek continues, "Overall, the greatest experience was the networking with our KM and IT teams in the evening as we discussed the implications of new trends in KM and technology to our company. In addition, I found a lot of the sessions on KM practices and social media extremely valuable. In particular, I appreciated the opinion of experts that we need to refocus our KM programs on people, not technology. While technology is a key enabler, people are at the heart of all our KM programs."

The 2011 KMWorld Conference Nov. 1 to 3 is geared to practitioners, innovators, and experienced and novice knowledge management professionals.  

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