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Managing SharePoint content
Posted May 25, 2011 Print Version     Page 1of 1

MetaVis Technologies has unveiled Information Manager for SharePoint 2010, which is said to enable users to bulk import, copy and classify content directly from the SharePoint user interface. MetaVis reports Information Manager is embedded directly into the SharePoint 2010 ribbon, allowing authorized users to classify, upload and copy content using familiar controls and interfaces.

Further, Information Manager allows authorized users to copy content between different SharePoint sites, site collections, list and libraries; as well as bulk import from File Shares (while retaining file system metadata) and tag in a single process from the SharePoint ribbon, giving users the flexibility to apply metadata in bulk during file import, copy or just in-place to improve SharePoint search and findability.

MetaVis emphasizes that Information Manager allows users to:

  • import content in bulk from file systems, set metadata values or map from NTFS and Folder names; and maintain or remove existing folder structures;
  • select multiple documents or items and copy them to another list or library while applying or remapping existing metadata values;
  • change content types for multiple selected documents or items;
  • re-map fields to copy metadata values from one field to another;
  • enter values directly or select them from standard SharePoint columns including Managed Metadata Fields linked to Term Sets; and
  • perform metadata enrichment and content classification in SharePoint sites.

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