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Verity Acquires Dralasoft; Partners with Yahoo! to Integrate Enterprise Search with Web Search
Posted Dec 21, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Verity Inc. has announced the signing and closing of its acquisition of Dralasoft Inc., a privately-held software company based in Westminster, Colorado and announced a partnership with Yahoo!.

Dralasoft is a provider of Java-based technology for business process management (BPM) in operation since 2000 serving customers such as Xerox, General Dynamics, and Sony. As part of the transaction Verity is offering continued employment to all Dralasoft employees, including its founder, president, and CTO, Suresh Ramaswamy, who, in his new position as VP of BPM strategy, will report to Mark Seamans, Verity's SVP of research and development. With this acquisition, Verity intends to use Dralasoft's BPM technology as a means to better unify the capabilities of Verity's Intelligent Content Services and Content Capture/Process Automation offerings.

For an all cash payment of approximately $8 million, Verity acquired Dralasoft, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Verity as a result of the transaction. Dralasoft's ongoing business includes its customer base and sales pipeline as well as its technology portfolio, consisting of component-based business process management solutions and business activity monitoring (BAM) software. It includes the flagship product, Dralasoft Workflow, an enterprise BPM suite that features a scalable orchestration engine with a suite of graphical tools including Dralasoft Workflow Studio, a visual design tool. In addition, Dralasoft Workflow is an embedded application found in many software products used in several vertical markets, such as manufacturing, government, retailing, telecommunications, defense, law, education, entertainment, and agriculture.

Verity has also announced a partnership with Yahoo! Inc. The first visible product of this partnership, Verity Enterprise Web Search, is an application available at no cost to Verity's enterprise customers that is designed to simultaneously search the information in internal repositories as well as the relevant Web content indexed by Yahoo! Search with a single query. The product is intended to allow enterprise customers to extend the reach of their existing Verity K2 Enterprise and Verity Ultraseek-powered search applications to the Internet and reduce the time employees spend finding information.

Features of the product include: search results from internal content repositories and the Web are merged and ranked for relevance; search results can be examined in multiple views by relevance, category, or by content source; Web-based content can optionally be dynamically classified into existing corporate taxonomies; and customers can expand external content access with optional plug-ins to subscription-based information providers. Verity Enterprise Web Search, through Yahoo! Search, provides Web content, including: intelligence from industry analysts, media, consumer group portals, and competitors' public-facing Web sites; market, economic, environmental, procurement, and scientific research from content providers across academia, government, and business; and insight and analysis on regulations that affect an organization from government agency Web sites and other regulatory information portals across the Web. Verity Enterprise Web Search is also designed to ensure enterprise-class security.

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