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Basis Technology Enhances Multilingual Search in MSN Search Engine
Posted Nov 23, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Basis Technology has announced that Microsoft Corp. has chosen the Rosette Linguistics Platform to support Web searches in its new MSN search engine. The companies have entered into a multi-year agreement in which Microsoft has the option to use all of Basis Technology's linguistics software, including components for language identification, morphological analysis, and entity extraction. MSN has recently released a beta of the MSN Search service, which offers a combination of resources and search tools that are intended to make it possible for consumers to tailor search to their needs.

Rosette performs linguistic analysis that helps information retrieval applications understand search queries. For example, Rosette identifies individual words for languages such as Japanese that do not use spaces between words, breaks compound words into their individual components, and identifies parts-of-speech such as verb, adjective, etc. The Rosette Linguistics Platform uses Natural Language Processing techniques in an effort to improve information retrieval, text mining, and other applications and apply them to global markets. Rosette provides capabilities like identifying the language of incoming text, and locating names, places, and other concepts.

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