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TACODA Launches Audience-Centric Ad Network
Posted Nov 19, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

TACODA, a provider of behavioral targeting and audience management solutions, has announced plans to launch an audience-centric ad network. Called AudienceMatch Network, it is designed to enable direct marketing and search advertisers for the first time to use behavioral targeting in combination with non-personal demographic data to reach defined audience segments of significant size across a network of branded internet sites.

AudienceMatch Network (AMN) will offer text-based, pay-per-click ad units that will be sold in an open bidding auction process. Advertisers that provide the highest per-click compensation to the network will have their ads served to pre-defined audience segments such as in-market auto buyers; home buyers or renters; self-directed investors; business travelers; technology early adopters; etc. The ads will be served to users wherever they are on AMN affiliate sites. The ads will be served in AMN's proprietary "Offer Inbox" units on the pages of affiliate sites. TACODA and its affiliates use the designated Offer Inbox to highlight to consumers that there are specially-targeted offers, and to give users the opportunity to "opt-out" of receiving AMN ads.

By design, AMN will start with a two-month launch phase. During this time, the network will operate with a limited number of sites (approximately 60) and a limited number of advertisers, (about100), and expects to ramp up to more than 1000 sites and 1000 advertisers by the end of the period. The launch phase will give TACODA time to optimize the technology and to let site administrators get a feel for AMN before it scales up. Ad revenue will be split between TACODA and each participating Web site depending on a variety of factors such as who sold the ad, where it will run, and whose audience segments it will reach.

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