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DocuLex Announces Enhanced WebSearch
Posted Oct 12, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

DocuLex, creators of document scanning/electronic capture and search/retrieval software, has announced the release of DocuLex WebSearch with ZIP capability of documents for storage conservation and ease of email distribution. DocuLex WebSearch is designed to offer the management, security, and retrieval of indexed and stored electronic files, quickly and easily. Files are promptly available, presented by key user-defined values such as number, name, date, document type, or other custom fields. Information can also be identified and retrieved using full text content. Manage the security and retrieval of various files including MSOffice, PDF, XML, CSV, RTF, and email. DocuLex WebSearch uses file storage of an Internet-accessed file server. For quick electronic document search and retrieval from a desktop browser, DocuLex WebSearch displays PDF files with highlighted hits, keeping all embedded links and images intact, maintaining the integrity of the original documents.

New features of DocuLex WebSearch include: Improved installation; Activity and retrieval logs assisting in compliance to privacy laws such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley; Runs on standard PC's using industry-standard Microsoft products; SSL remote security; Custom working folders for private use or to be shared among user groups; Uses existing network, folder, and file security; Internal document, user, and group level security; Manages and archives custom-named files and folders/sub-folders recognized by Microsoft Explorer; Optional sharing of indexes between DocuLex Desktop and WebSearch products; Electronic files may be shared between WebSearch and other 3rd-party products; Setup multiple indexes per department, project, or client; Password protect access to database indexes; Add search results into custom working folders; and ZIP capability of documents for storage conservation and ease of email distribution.

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