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Verity Announces Extractor 1.0
Posted Sep 21, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Verity Inc. has announced the availability of Verity Extractor 1.0, software that is designed to identify and extract concepts, patterns, and entities in the diverse content distributed across an organization. It integrates directly with Verity's search, classification, and recommendation technologies. Verity search tools include combinations of Parametric Selection, fielded search, and full-text search that use the extracted entities to enhance search relevancy.

Verity's Parametric Selection is a tool tailored for locating information on ecommerce sites and enterprise situations benefiting from attribute-driven selection criteria. However, this drill-down navigation requires structured information, typically from a database or an XML document. Verity Extractor is designed to add structure to information sources without tags or field data, such as product overviews, to take full advantage of Parametric Selection. Entities identified by Verity Extractor can also be used to enable Verity faceted taxonomies, a capability that permits browsing through multiple taxonomies simultaneously, to locate the information intersection.

The most common information entities are ready to deploy out-of-the-box with Verity Extractor. They include: names of commercial organizations, people, places, postal/Internet addresses, phone numbers, dates, times, numbers, prices and amount of currency, Imperial and metric measures, Social Security numbers, job titles, and holidays. Along with the provided entities, Verity Extractor also permits custom entities to be built and deployed to meet specific objectives such as part numbers in a manufacturing system, buy and sell ratings in equity research applications, and the names of suspected terrorist organizations in security, defense, and intelligence systems. The basic Verity Extractor product package starts at $60,000.

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