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FAST Unveils Marketrac Market Intelligence Application
Posted Jun 18, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, has announced FAST Marketrac, an enterprise-wide software solution that is designed to gather, analyze, and communicate critical market intelligence from multiple, disparate sources throughout an enterprise and the Web.

Based upon FAST ESP, FAST's enterprise search platform, FAST Marketrac performs advanced content analysis, facilitates faster discovery and inference, and delivers rapid alerting functionality, enabling analysts and decision-makers to receive the latest actionable information. Designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the 'intelligence gathering' process, FAST Marketrac leverages the architecture and function of FAST ESP to support mission-critical intelligence operations.

FAST Marketrac is the first of three planned Search Derivative Applications (SDAs) to be introduced to the market by FAST this year. Rather than requiring totally separate development efforts and implementation, FAST's SDAs are effectively developed based on the flexible framework of the FAST ESP platform. This increases the development focus, improves efficiency in support resources, and minimizes investments in physical equipment.

As an option, FAST Marketrac offers organizations the ability to gauge public sentiment of their collected data through a user-friendly interface. FAST Marketrac indexes source material from more than 225 data formats and 77 languages, and monitors the information flow to ensure that new or updated information regularly refreshes the intelligence index. As it is added to the index, every content source is categorized and cross- referenced through four-dimensional linguistic analysis (orthographic, morphologic, syntactic, and semantic) and enterprise-specific rules and lexicons.

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