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The Wall Street Journal Online Offer Audience Search
Posted Apr 6, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

The Wall Street Journal Online at has announced an Audience Search service. Audience Search, developed and powered by Revenue Science, Inc., is an online search service that uses natural-language keywords to create custom audience segments in real time and rank the quality of those audiences for Web advertising campaigns. The new service is intended to enable the Online Journal to describe and create behavioral segments based on visits to Online Journal pages using keywords taken directly from an advertiser's audience specification or Request for Proposal (RFP).

Those audiences are then scored and ranked based on relevance in an effort to guarantee precise audience composition for online advertisers. Every audience segment generated through Audience Search has a Behavioral Relevance score associated with it. This score provides a standard, directional measure of audience quality that can be used to compare audience segments within, and even across, campaigns. Audience Search enables the Online Journal to work with advertisers to configure audience segments in real time and perform multiple iterations of the segment reach/relevance mix. In addition to refining the audience specification through custom search terms, the Online Journal can interactively tailor the size of the campaigns by growing or shrinking the audience.

Audience Search is available across all of the Online Journal's sites, including the Media & Marketing Edition (, the Health Edition (, Barron's Online (,,,,, and Personal Technology (

Singapore Airlines (SIA), has signed on to use this service to target its advertisements at travel-related Online Journal audience segments. SIA is scheduled to deploy Audience Search on the Online Journal in the second quarter of this year. The advertising campaign is targeting business travelers to Singapore and other Southeast Asian destinations.

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