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Google Introduces Personalized Search Services and Site Enhancements
Posted Mar 30, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Google Inc. has released three new features: a search engine that uses user preferences to match search results to their interests, a service that delivers search results via email, and an enhanced interface for Google Web sites worldwide. Google Personalized Web Search and Google Web Alerts, both debuting on Google Labs, are designed to enable searchers to specify what interests them and to receive customized results based on those interests.

Google Personalized Web Search uses personal preferences to deliver search results based on interests selected by users. Users can control the degree of personalization in their results using a slider, and see the results change dynamically as the degree of personalization changes. For example, music enthusiasts will see different relevant sites for a search on [bass] than people who indicate an interest in the outdoors.

Google Web Alerts are automatic updates for Web users. After specifying keywords they want to track, users can receive daily or weekly email with links to new Web page results, plus top stories from Google News that are related to each query.

The Google homepage and search results pages have been modified to include links across the top of the search box, which directly connect users to other Google services including Froogle. These links are intended to provide a faster, simpler search experience. Also, with Froogle now available via the Google homepage, shoppers can directly search the Web for products to buy.

Three additional search enhancements have also been announced. A new Froogle homepage and search results page--Froogle's new design resembles the Google homepage and search results page. The new Froogle homepage also features links to recent product searches, such as [iPod cases] or [airzooka] instead of categories. A new number range (numrange) advanced search command--The command enables users to specify that results contain numbers in a range they set. Users can conduct a numrange search by specifying two numbers, separated by two periods, with no spaces. For example, a user looking for information about DVD players between $250 and $350 or technical information on high capacity batteries, can conduct a search for [DVD player $250..$300] or [50..1000 wh/kg battery]. Images now featured in Google News search results--Google News now displays thumbnail images of photos that relate to news stories.

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