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ATG Announces Adaptive Self-Service Solution
Posted Mar 19, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc.) has announced ATG Adaptive Customer Assistance, the first in a series of new Web self-service solutions. With a combination of natural language search, a structured answer repository, and ATG's personalization capabilities, ATG Adaptive Customer Assistance is designed to give users a direct answer to their direct question, personalized with their specific data, and then guide them towards other resources and next steps. Built on the ATG Adaptive Customer Assistance is built on the ATG Adaptive Scenario Engine.

Features of ATG Adaptive Customer Assistance include: an intuitive natural language search engine designed to understand the intent of the questions that customers ask in order to provide them with highly relevant responses; a robust answer-building application to help business users, knowledge workers, and customer care experts collaborate to create information and answers that are held in the knowledge base; a closed-loop feedback system that tracks and monitors the effectiveness of the customer experience being provided; and a repository integration interface that feeds the answers with customer-specific data, such as account balances or preferences, from outside data sources, such as billing systems, CRM applications, or other legacy applications.


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