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Convera Announces Taxonomy Workbench; Introduces New Taxonomies
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Convera, a provider of search and categorization software for enterprises and government agencies, has announced its new Taxonomy Workbench and five new industry-specific taxonomies. The Taxonomy Workbench is designed to help deliver more accurate search results within corporate intranets, providing geographically scattered employees access to diverse information, or on an external Web site for customer service and product information. A complete set of tools for organizing large amounts of disparate data, the Taxonomy Workbench reduces the time to build effective taxonomies. The interactive Workbench is designed for use by information managers, librarians, and subject matter experts. The new product facilitates taxonomy creation by: developing completely new taxonomies; importing existing taxonomies and thesauri; and testing, benchmarking, and tuning taxonomies and classifications.

Convera has also introduced five new industry-specific taxonomies: Genetics, Finance & Business, General Enterprise, Technology, and U.S. Government. These taxonomies contain industry standard thesaural content enhanced by Convera linguists and taxonomists to optimize the quality of information discovery in government and commercial applications. Each of the new taxonomies is intended to speed the process of organizing an enterprise's knowledge assets by incorporating specialized vocabulary and ensuring an accurate level of categorization. Large and diverse collections of unstructured data can be efficiently browsed by navigating categories that users find intuitive and useful to their personal information retrieval objectives.

Each of the Convera taxonomies can be split into more targeted classifications to meet the specialized search and discovery needs of an organization. For example, the Convera Genetics Taxonomy can be split into cellular components, molecular functions and biological processes, each of which can be subsequently combined with any of the numerous other classifications Convera makes available. The new Convera taxonomies are enhanced versions of taxonomies that contain unique controlled vocabulary and classification structure developed by taxonomy builder, ProQuest Information and Learning. The ProQuest framework for each industry-specific taxonomy enables precise mapping of data and a more exact search of subject fields. Each taxonomy powered by ProQuest is regularly updated to capture the latest industry vocabulary and the most commonly used language for describing topics areas.

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