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Inxight Announces SmartDiscovery 4
Posted Feb 18, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Inxight Software, Inc. has announced SmartDiscovery 4, the latest verion of its software solution designed to provide users "a direct path to the right information." In addition to enhancements to its existing search, entity extraction, categorization, and taxonomy capabilities, the new version offers a fact extraction feature that was developed to connect the dots between the people, places, and organizations referenced in text, allowing users to discover non-obvious events and relationships.

SmartDiscovery extends its entity extraction capability that recognizes the people, places, and organizations referenced in text, to determine specific events and relationships, or facts between entities. This capability allows users to create meaningful structure from large volumes of unstructured data. Based on Inxight's language analysis and entity extraction features, fact extraction enables users to define and extract the events and relationships that are most important to them. Users can now identify and leverage otherwise hidden data to make faster, better informed decisions.

Inxight SmartDiscovery combines standard keyword search capabilities with concept search, similarity search, and query language. SmartDiscovery 4 users can also search based on part-of-speech. For example, a user can search for the word "award" and ask for only documents that contain the past tense of the verb, "awarded," and not noun versions such as "Academy Award." SmartDiscovery 4 also includes new spell checking and fuzzy search capabilities that enable users to locate relevant information even if keywords are misspelled. In addition, fielded search and multiple ranking options have been added, and enhancements have been made to increase scalability and ease administration.

SmartDiscovery 4 offers improvements to its taxonomy management and categorization capabilities. Its taxonomy editor now leverages the Inxight query language, providing more flexibility for users seeking to classify documents into well-organized taxonomies. Ease-of-use enhancements include an improved interface for taxonomy development and management and new document clustering methods for taxonomy creation.

SmartDiscovery 4 also includes upgrades to its system administration and enterprise integration features for simpler set up and configuration for departmental and enterprise-wide deployments. SmartDiscovery includes adaptors for gathering data from enterprise information systems and exporting XML metadata created by SmartDiscovery into relational databases or existing document management or portal systems. In addition to existing enterprise system adaptors, SmartDiscovery 4 adds new adaptors for Microsoft Exchange, other IMAP-enabled email systems and JDBC compliant databases. SmartDiscovery 4 also includes a new SOAP interface for Web services integration.


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