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TripleHop Unveils CasePoint
Posted Feb 6, 2004 Print Version     Page 1of 1

TripleHop Technologies, developer of the context-sensitive search software MatchPoint, has announced CasePoint for legal practitioners. CasePoint is an electronic filing system for litigation, patent, and corporate matters. The product is intended to enable legal professionals to file and search all documents, working papers, and correspondence, including email, relating to a specific case or transaction--providing a single point of access to all case related information, available online both locally and remotely. With CasePoint, lawyers can work from their office or home, and collaborate remotely via phone or email, without having access to the paper file. CasePoint is designed to replicate online the familiar "binder" feeling of a physical case file, with folders and subfolders that enable quick and intuitive navigation. It features metadata and full-text search capabilities and includes an optional OCR module to digitize paper files. TripleHop has also announced the international law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed is currently deploying CasePoint.


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