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Stellent Integrates Stellent Content Management with Corel Xmetal; Allies with eFORCE; Signs Dallas Museum of Art as Joint Customer
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Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, and Corel Corp., a XML technology company, have announced an integration between the Stellent Content Management system and the Corel XMetaL XML authoring platform.

Together, Corel XMetaL and Stellent intend to enable users to create, update, store, and manage a variety of XML content for a number of purposes including Web content, technical publications, and product and manufacturing documentation. Users have access to all Stellent Universal Content Management functionalities, including content conversion, library services, categorization, workflow, Web publishing, content collaboration, content distribution, and enterprise search. In addition, the integration allows users to search for and open XML content stored in the Stellent system directly from the Corel XMetaL interface.

The Stellent Content Management/Corel XMetaL integration will provide the following to Stellent customers: User-friendly contribution interface--The WebDAV integration allows users to manage content in Stellent Content Server for use in Corel XMetaL; Efficient content reuse--The XML fragment bursting capability enables users to break a single document into smaller XML fragments. All XML fragments are managed objects in the Stellent Content Management system. Streamlined content updates--A parent-child relationship is maintained between XML components allowing users to update a fragment once and have the update reflected in all parent files where the fragment appears; Impact analysis--An impact analysis identifies where a given fragment is used and what content or master files will be affected by a particular fragment change; Customizable integrations--Custom actions can be applied during drag and drop operations from the Stellent repository to the XML document; and Consistent content creation--The integration provides support for the structured authoring environment (using DTDs or schemas) managed by Corel XMetaL.

Stellent has also announced an alliance with eFORCE, a provider of fixed-price, fixed-time enterprise IT solutions. Under the agreement, eFORCE has integrated the Stellent Content Management system into its suite of enterprise solutions offered in the areas of portals, customer relationship management, enterprise application integration, business intelligence, and enterprise infrastructure.

Stellent and eFORCE recently completed the implementation of Stellent's Universal Content Management architecture at the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). The Stellent solution provides DMA with a content management system to give internal users immediate access to up-to-date content from a variety of sources. The new system also increases the functionality of services offered to museum patrons and the general public through its Internet Web site,

Stellent Content Management provides a single product architecture that is designed to offer Web content management, document management, collaboration, records management, and digital asset management functionalities. The system enables customers to deploy line-of-business Web sites, such as employee portals and partner extranets, as well as enterprise-wide solutions that standardize content management for use by multiple sites and applications throughout an organization. The Stellent Content Management system offers an array of content contribution and content delivery mechanisms, enabling users to contribute content into the system for conversion, management, and delivery to Web sites or applications. It also integrates with existing security systems and provides business personalization, content integration, distribution, and categorization features.

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