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Convera and Nexidia Partner for Integrated Audio Search
Posted Oct 24, 2003 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Convera, a provider of search and categorization software for enterprises and government agencies, and Nexidia, developers of a solution for audio-video searching and intelligent mining, have announced a new partnership that is intended to add phonetic audio search as an optional component to Convera's RetrievalWare search and categorization platform.

Nexidia's technology embedded within Convera's search platform is designed to enable RetrievalWare to search audio and video the equivalent of 30 hours of audio information in less than one second--100,000 times faster than normal play-back speed. Nexidia's phonetic searching pinpoints spoken words in word or phrase formats by analyzing the phonetic content of indexed audio or video files based on the similarity of sound.

RetrievalWare's new audio search feature will enable customers to search for spoken words without converting the audio to text through speech-to-text software or human transcription. Nexidia's technology adds precision to RetrievalWare's phonetic search capability, identifying not just dictionary words, but also slang terms and code words.  In addition to retrospective search, Convera will offer Nexidia technology for real-time monitoring of audio, matching capabilities already offered by Convera's Profiling feature for processing textual content.

For commercial enterprises, the ability to search audio communication is designed to improve efficiency for: regulatory compliance, knowledge management, intranet portals, and customer service. Within government applications, the capability to detect specific words, phrases, and slang within audio files can be used for national security and law enforcement.

Other RetrievalWare features for managing and searching audio and video data include: real-time capture and scene recognition within digital or analog video; video annotation and rough-cut editing; and retrieval based on transcribed text. Both Convera's existing video search capability and the new phonetically-based search from Nexidia allows users to go directly to the desired location within video or audio, eliminating the manual "fast forwarding" process to a specific part of the video or audio information.

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