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New Introduces New Search Technology
Posted Jul 3, 2007 Print Version     Page 1of 1 has unveiled Ask3D, a re-engineered and redesigned version of Ask3D includes powerful new search technology, a three-panel design, and new features. With the new version of, people get customized information from a range of content, including videos and music clips, all on one page. Ask3D replaces the previous version of and is available at through the original URL Ask3D has been designed with "Morph," an algorithmic content-matching and ranking technology, designed to deliver the most relevant content for each search query, which places the content onto one single page. Morph chooses from content of all types, including web pages, images, video, and music clips and news. Morph technology works in tandem with's ExpertRank algorithm, which determines the most relevant search results by identifying communities on the web instead of displaying links by popularity.

Ask3D's three-panel design displays customized results, taken from a range of content available on the web, all on one page. Representing the three dimensions of search, Ask3D's panels include: "Query Expression" in the left panel. This panel serves as the search "control panel," where people can refine their search without having to leave the page by offering automatic suggestions help narrow, expand or find related search terms. This service is called "Zoom Related Search"; "Results" within the center panel. Here, people can find their primary search results with links to web pages and immediately preview sites from the results page by using the "Binoculars" feature, which allow users to preview a web page. They also offer information such as the number of pop-ups on a given site, whether or not a site is Flash-based, and the amount of time it will take a site to load on a 56K connection. The top of this panel also shows the top Smart Answer, which provides quick snippets of information; "Content" within the right panel. This panel provides people with information. The right panel offers a variety of content including images, news items, blogs, weather, time, videos and music clips. People can preview videos and listen to music clips, right from the results page. now has a new homepage and offers customizable backgrounds that allow users to choose from a variety of designs. The new also now features icons on the homepage and offers search suggestions; Users can now view video previews, listen to music clips, or search through specific content such as images and news, all from the main results page. Ask3D offers an image rollover feature, which enlarges an image so that people can see it in more detail; Ask3D now offers Smart Answer search results based on a person's location; Users can find their favorite videos and preview clips right from the search results page and can filter results by video types, such as Flash, QuickTime, and RealPlayer, or by length; With Ask 3D’s new filtering capabilities, users can now sort images by categories including size, Buddy Icons, color, black and white, and various media types.


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